Basic, AD&D, and Supplemental Life Insurance

  • What is this?

    Basic Life Insurance and AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) Insurance: DPS automatically provides Basic Life Insurance to all active, benefits-eligible employees at no cost to them through MetLife. The coverage amounts are as follows:

    • Full-time employee Basic Life Coverage: 2x your annual earnings, a maximum of $300,000
    • Full-time employee AD&D coverage: 2x annual earnings, a maximum of $300,000
    • Part-time benefits-eligible employee Basic Life coverage: $2,500

    *Please note that coverage amounts begin to reduce at age 65.

    Grief Counseling services are provided by LifeWorks US Inc. and are included as part of the MetLife Basic and Optional Life products. For additional information, review the MetLife Grief Counseling Information Sheet.

    Supplemental Life Insurance: Full-time DPS employees have the option to purchase MetLife Supplemental Life insurance for yourself, your spouse, and/or your dependent children. This is in addition to the Basic Life and AD&D insurance provided by DPS to benefits-eligible employees. 

    Will Preparation, with in-person assistance, is also provided complimentary with optional life insurance through Wills Center and is an online service.

  • + How to Enroll

    Open Enrollment (and New Hires)

    You’ll be prompted to sign up as you go through the benefit enrollment process. Already completed your elections but forgot to sign up for your Supplemental Life Insurance? See the “How to Change” drop down below!

    *Please note a full Evidence of Insurability (proof of good health) process is required by MetLife outside of new hire enrollment, or for amounts elected during new hire enrollment in excess of $100,000 of coverage for employees and $20,000 for spouses.

    If required, you will see an action item on the enrollment site to complete the MetLife Optional Life Insurance Statement of Health and mail it to MetLife.

  • + How to Access

    Your coverage information can all be found on MetLife’s site. Here are instructions to register your account. You can also make changes to beneficiaries or enroll in additional benefits through MetLife. 

    Beneficiaries: You can add a beneficiary on the MetLife site. Follow these instructions to add your beneficiaries and complete your account.

  • + How to Change

    To change your coverage amount, complete the MetLife Optional Life Insurance Enrollment Form and submit it to

    Please note: a full Evidence of Insurability (proof of good health) process may be required by MetLife outside of new hire enrollment. If so, complete the MetLife Optional Life Insurance Statement of Health and mail it to MetLife.

  • + Who to Contact

    MetLife: Visit or call 1-800-638-5433

  • + Frequently Asked Questions

    Visit MetLife’s FAQs for even more information

    + How do I login in to the MetLife website?

    For more information on registering your account, view these instructions. You can also call MetLife 24/7 if you need assistance. 

    + Do I have to enroll in additional/optional life insurance for myself to enroll my spouse or kids?

    Yes, you must purchase voluntary coverage for yourself in order to purchase coverage for your spouse and/or dependents.

    + How do I add or change my life insurance beneficiaries?

    To update beneficiary information, go to MetLife MyBenefits Account Sign In - Beneficiary Designation

    *If you are retired:call MetLife first at 1-866-492-6983

    + Is the Will Preparation included with Basic Life and Supplemental Life Insurances?

    No, the will preparation service is only included when enrolled in the optional, supplemental life insurance coverage.

    + How do you submit a life insurance claim?

    To submit a claim, review the MetLife Life Insurance Claim Kit or contact Employee Services.


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