Team Bios

What Are Team Bios?

Team Bio Submission

Bios are basically professional short stories. They include your recent professional experience, your current role and a little bit about who you are outside of work. 

Why Are Bios Important?

Equity and Engagement Division team bios help to:

  • Encourage collaboration. Bios help to show your unique experience and helps other team members learn who may be a valuable thought partner for certain projects and tasks. At DPS, Collaboration is one of our Shared Core Values -- team bios can help us live this value by thinking, working and creating together. 
  • Support internal networking. Bios can help you expand your professional network within DPS. We can discover who may have experience we might learn from and who might benefit from our experience, which offers the opportunity to develop mentoring relationships. 
  • Foster connections. Team bios not only let us share our professional experience, they also allow us to share a bit about who we are outside of work. Sharing a fun fact about yourself can serve as a conversation starter, and you may discover you have things in common with a teammate that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. 

How To Write A Great Bio

We have prepared a bio submission form with a series of prompts designed to help you capture the elements of a great bio. The goal is to:

  1. Share your professional experience. 
  2. Share why you chose Team DPS. 
  3. Share your hometown.
  4. Share a fun fact about you.

Where Can I Find My Bio?

Employee bios can be found on each department site on The Commons, under the "Meet the Team" page. Direct links for each department are available below: