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    Extended Learning and Community Schools (ELCS) oversees Discovery Link, ELCS Enrichment Programming, ELCSports and many other Out of School Time (OST) activities. Our programs provide DPS students a safe, enriching place to continue their studies, explore new skills and make friends during out-of-school time. We serve over 60 schools across the district and infuse Social Emotional Academic Learning (SEAL) into all of our programs.

    ELCS Mission: Creating opportunities for school communities to engage and inspire Denver youth and families.

    ELCS Vision: Provide high-quality programming every day at every site. We will support social, emotional, and academic learning, increase family participation and community engagement and expand middle school programming. In addition, we will develop a foundation and provide structures for DPS Elementary School Athletics, known as ELCSports, through our after school programming infrastructure.

    Our Programs:

    • Discovery Link - The only district-run before school, after school, and full-day camp program. Licensed by the state of Colorado, we offer Discovery Link at 59 elementary schools. Students participate in fun and engaging activities supporting relationship-building skills, movement, and creativity. The program is a multi-subject offering that could include SEAL (Social Emotional and Academic Learning), Physical Education, Art, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), Dance, Music, Chess, and many more activities!
    • ELCS Enrichment - Unlicensed single subject offerings mainly provided by external organizations that are vetted DPS Community Partners. ELCS Supports Enrichment programing at over 50 schools across the district, providing DPS students with various electives. ELCS Enrichment runs simultaneously with Discovery Link and is generally for the first hour after school. Students can attend ELCS Enrichment and Discovery Link on the same day as long as they are registered for both programs. The enrichment classes we offer cover subjects including but not limited to: Athletics, STEM, Art, Physical Activity, Science, Cooking, Engineering, Math, Reading, writing, Music, and coding.
    • ELCSports - The mission of this program is to provide all DPS Elementary schools and students the opportunity to have an ELCSports program and participate in DPS Elementary School Athletics. This program will be primarily for 4th and 5th Graders during the school year. Summer programs will be used to better prepare rising 4th and 5th graders for the upcoming school year. ELCSports will align with DPS Middle and High School Athletics regarding sports offered and the pay-to-play model. ELCSports will create a pipeline for DPS Elementary students to prepare them and enhance their skills for DPS Middle School Athletics. Students participating in ELCSports will develop their athletic abilities, learn leadership skills, and understand the importance of sportsmanship.
    • Other ELCS Opportunities - If the above programs do not meet the needs of a school community, we will work with schools to create programs that support their needs. This is done on a case to case basis. For more information please reach out to discovery_link@dpsk12.org


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    Jesse Broadfoot

    Jesse Broadfoot

    Director, Extended Learning and Community Schools

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