Sick Leave Bank

  • What is this?

    Sick Leave Bank is DPS' version of Short Term Disability coverage.

    All benefits-eligible DPS employees working 20 hours or more (.50 FTE) who accrue sick time will be eligible for 40 days (320 hours) of Sick Leave Bank prorated by their FTE if they choose to enroll in the Sick Leave Bank during Open Enrollment. The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide additional sick leave days (upon approval) to employees who are on an extended personal illness leave, have used all of their available time off balances (sick and vacation time) and would otherwise be on an unpaid leave status.

    Please reference the Sick Leave Bank Guidelines and Procedures for more details.

  • How to Enroll

    Open Enrollment and New Hires

    You can only enroll during the open enrollment period each spring, or during your new hire open enrollment period when you join Team DPS. You’ll be prompted to sign up as you go through the benefit enrollment process.

  • How to Change

    You may only make changes to your Sick Leave Bank Enrollment during annual benefits Open Enrollment each year.

  • Who to Contact

    Contact the Leaves of Absence department at  or 720-423-3092.

  • Can I use Sick Leave Bank for my maternity leave?

    You can use up to 6 weeks for a traditional delivery and up to 8 weeks for a cesarean delivery. Sick Leave Bank can only be used after accrued sick time and vacation time has been fully used.

  • Can sick leave bank be part of the Retiree Sick Leave Payout?

    Sick Leave Bank hours are not part of the Retiree Sick Leave Payout. 

  • Can sick leave bank be used if a family member is ill?

    You can only use the Sick Leave Bank for your own personal illness or injury. 

    If someone else needs medical care besides you, please refer to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy.

  • Can I use sick leave bank and PERA’s short term disability?

    You can use both the sick leave bank and PERA’s short term disability if you meet all eligibility requirements. PERA's Short Term Disability coverage is only for members who are vested. (To be vested, PERA requires 5 years of service.)

    Contact PERA directly for all questions regarding PERA’s short term disability. 1-800-759-7372 or contact them online here.


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