Emergency Management

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    The Emergency Management Division functions with the DPS Shared Core Values and the Denver Plan in mind while working to ensure students and staff collaborate in a safe educational environment. Colorado Senate Bills 08-181 and 11-173 establish the need for school districts to adopt a school response framework for emergencies, and the ability to work and communicate with local and state emergency personnel. DPS Board of Education Policies ECA -Safety and Security and KDE-Emergency Management represent the District’s commitment to student, staff, and visitor safety.

    Denver Public Schools (DPS) is a national leader among school districts for emergency preparedness.  The Emergency Management Division’s efforts to promote the DPS Shared Core Values of Students First, Equity, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, and Fun form its approach to all phases of emergency management. The four phases, Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery support the vision and actions also outlined in the Denver Plan. In pursuit of the vision as outlined in the Denver Plan to lead the nation in student development and success, ensuring the teachers, students, and staff have the knowledge and skills to prepare and respond to emergencies helps enhance teacher, and principal effectiveness. In working with students and their families on emergency preparedness procedures and policies, the Division is deepening engagement within the community. Working with local and state emergency response personnel helps leverage the partnerships with the City and County of Denver in pursuit of the Denver Public Schools vision.