• Security Technology Requests

    To Request Additional Security Technology (such as cameras or card readers), please follow these steps:

    1. Submit the request through the DoTS help desk using this link DoTS Help Desk.
    2. Select "New Incident" or "New Service Request"
    3. In the Service drop down select "Hardware, Devices, Operating Systems, and Device Management"
    4. In the Summary section place a brief description of what you are requesting
      1. e.g. Add card reader to Door 2.
      2. e.g. Add two cameras to second floor.
    5. In the description field, please include the following:
      1. Who is making the request - Principal, FM, etc.
      2. What is being requested - camera, access card reader, and how many
      3. Where is the technology to be installed - Door number, near classroom number, floor, inside or outside, etc.
      4. Why is the request being made - vandalism, inappropriate behavior, theft, etc.
      5. Has the school identified it's funding source

    After the request is received, a member of the Department of Safety will be in contact with the requesting party to schedule a site walk and determine if the request is approved or if other measures can be taken.