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  • Team DPS is striving to support employees in being happy, healthy and whole. This well-being resource center acts as a comprehensive tool for employees to access in order to feel supported, engaged, healthy, challenged, and socially and emotionally intelligent.

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Well-being and the Whole Educator

  • To align with our work supporting the whole child, we have outlined six components that will make up the support structure for the whole educator, and help steer the services and supports we offer to team DPS.

    • Educators who feel Supported are more likely to feel valued and want to stay at Denver Public Schools. This includes feeling socially connected to colleagues and peers, emotionally valued for individual strengths and empowered to make physical, spiritual and financial life goals.

    • Engaged educators want to make a positive impact for themselves, Team DPS and students. This includes participating in personal, team and district-wide challenges and social and educational gatherings.

    • Educators who feel Safe have a sense of belonging and are able to show up authentically. This includes feeling supported and accepted for personal and professional beliefs around spirituality, health, and social and emotional intelligence.

    • Healthy educators are their best self and are more productive. This includes feeling emotionally secure, physically motivated, spiritually fulfilled and socially connected.

    • Educators who feel Challenged in their work perform to their highest potential. This includes using tools and supports to push yourself physically and mentally to achieve personal and professional goals.

    • Socially and Emotionally Intelligent educators build strong relationships within the DPS community and are better able to lead by example- through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

    We are committed to continuing our investment in the overall well-being of our educators, using these components as our guide, so that every member of DPS feels support in their role and, therefore, can best support our students.

    Questions? Contact staffwellness@dpsk12.org