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  • + To align with our work supporting the whole child, we have outlined five components that will make up the support structure for the whole educator, and help steer the services and supports we offer to team DPS.

    • Educators who feel Supported are more likely to feel valued and want to stay at Denver Public Schools. This includes feeling socially connected to colleagues and peers, emotionally valued for individual strengths and empowered to make physical, spiritual and financial life goals.

    • Engaged educators want to make a positive impact for themselves, Team DPS and students. This includes participating in personal, team and district-wide challenges and social and educational gatherings.

    • Educators who feel Safe have a sense of belonging and are able to show up authentically. This includes feeling supported and accepted for personal and professional beliefs around spirituality, health, and social and emotional intelligence.

    • Healthy educators are their best self and are more productive. This includes feeling emotionally secure, physically motivated, spiritually fulfilled and socially connected.

    • Educators who feel Challenged in their work perform to their highest potential. This includes using tools and supports to push yourself physically and mentally to achieve personal and professional goals.

    • Socially and Emotionally Intelligent educators build strong relationships within the DPS community and are better able to lead by example- through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

  • Calm

    Self-care at your fingertips - at no cost to Kaiser Permanente members.  This wellness app can help you naviagate life's challenges, and make small changes to improve your sleep, mood, relationships, and more.  

    Calm - an app for meditation, mental resilience, and sleep. Click here to learn more.  

  • myStrength

    Everyone needs support for total health — mind, body, and spirit. Digital tools can help you navigate life’s challenges, make small changes that improve sleep, mood, and more, or simply support an overall sense of well-being.

    Explore activities and techniques that can benefit anyone — either as self-guided selfcare or complements to clinical support. They’re not intended to replace treatment or advice, but they can help you build resilience, set goals, and take meaningful steps toward becoming a healthier, happier you.

    If you are a Kaiser Premanente member and want to learn more, please click here!

  • PERA 101

    Financial session that gives DPS employees a better understanding of the Colorado PERA retirement system and benefits.

Employee Wellness Program Archive

  • Physical

    Back-to-School 5K: This annual 5k event is a fun untimed walk/run event for DPS employees, family and friends, in partnership with Boulder Running Company. 

    YOU Revolution: A 10-week in-person program is offered at various sites across the district.  The program covers nutrition, sleep, stress management, exercise, and involves weekly workouts plus one-on-one health coaching opportunities to improve an individual’s physical and mental well-being.

    Move @ Work: This (free) virtual based program encourages employees to take 5-7 minutes each day to move at work.  Certified personal trainer, Saara Haapanen, created this program to focus on physical activity, stretching, and mindfulness.  Learn more!

    Walktober: This virtual step challenge takes DPS participants on a virtual tour of autumn’s most vibrant landscapes and inspire everyone to make walking a priority – in October and beyond.

    On-site fitness classes: Mile High Fitness facilitates convenient, fun, and active on-site fitness classes for DPS employees that include Zumba, Yoga, Boot camp, and Kickboxing.  Classes are offered in a 6-week series ($5/class per participant).

    Nutrition classes (i.e. “Nutrition Boot Camp”): Kaiser Permanente’s certified health educators come on-site for a 4-week course that covers meal plans, logging food intake, and why becoming healthy is essential. 

  • Emotional

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The EAP is a confidential, no-cost service available to all DPS employees and their dependents that can help educators plan for life events, personal issues, or simply manage daily life.

    Power of Pregnancy workshop: Certified personal trainer, Gina Fontaine, leads the prenatal fitness workshop that teaches expecting mothers various exercises and mindfulness skills, which will help participants maintain balance in your work and personal life to create a healthier mom and baby ($30/participant).

    RISE UP: Resilience in School Environments workshop: RISE UP is a two-hour workshop for staff, aimed to prepare school staff to better understand, and integrate, social and emotional well-being into all aspects of school life, both theirs and their students.

    Emotional health classes (i.e. “Chaos to Calm”): Kaiser Permanente’s certified health educators come on-site for 60 minutes to teach DPS educators about proven, powerful methods for managing time and energy.

  • Spiritual

    Passage Works “Mindfulness Week” during Teacher Appreciation Week: Two-hour mindfulness sessions allow participants to walk away with several short mindfulness and self-care practices that can be immediately integrated into daily life.

    Head Space: A meditation app that helps reduce stress while increasing resilience and improving sleep. DPS educators have access to the Headspace app at no cost: https://www.headspace.com/educators

    Educational classes (i.e. “Multi-tasking to Mindfulness”): Kaiser Permanente’s certified health educators come on-site for 60 minutes to teach DPS educators practices to maximize their energy, efficiency, and focus.

    Mindful Life online program: A 7-week online program designed to reduce employees’ stress, increase their productivity, and improve their job satisfaction, work engagement, and overall well-being.

    Woodhull Wellness on-site meditation: 60-minute on-site, group meditation classes that enable coworkers to learn and embrace mindfulness as a team.

  • Financial

    Well Aware:  An incentive-based program that encourages employees to be up-to-date on their preventive screenings and fill out a health risk assessment.  All DPS benefit eligible employees can participate and will receive a $200 stipend upon completion.  

    AIG Retirement Services: Provides financial planning and retirement services for DPS employees.

    PERA 101: In-person financial sessions that gives employees a better understanding of the Colorado PERA retirement system. 

    PERA URE: Understanding Your Retirement Estimate (URE) sessions gives employees who are within five years from retirement the opportunity to learn more about the retirement process and receive a personal PERA benefit estimate.  

    Health Literacy (i.e. “Understanding Health Basics”): This Kaiser Permanente workshop covers understanding basic health insurance information and leaves employees with the appropriate knowledge to make smart decisions regarding their health benefits.