Culturally Responsive Education

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    The Culturally Responsive Education Team is committed to making an impact and closing the opportunity gap and providing all students access to educational opportunities that allow them to achieve at the highest levels.

  • CRE Educator Mindsets

    In Culturally Responsive Classrooms in DPS… 

    • Teachers cultivate meaningful relationships with students and families
    • Teachers consistently communicate high expectations and empower students to drive their learning
    • Teachers facilitate rigorous instruction that validates and authentically incorporates students’ lived and historical experiences

    … so that all students succeed and become socially conscious contributing individuals.

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  • Transformative Social Emotional Academic Learning

    “Transformative SEAL” is a process whereby young people and adults build strong, respectful, and lasting, relationships that facilitate co-learning to critically examine root causes of inequity and to develop collaborative solutions that lead to personal, community, and societal well-being.

    This form of SEAL is aimed at redistributing power to promote social justice through increased engagement in school and civic life. It emphasizes the development of identity, agency, belonging, curiosity, and collaborative problem-solving. 

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  • Opportunity Gap Cohort Career and College Success

    The Opportunity Gap Cohort-Career and College Success is designed for school leadership teams to engage in data-driven collaboration with peers and focus their learning on a targeted group of underserved students in one of three disparity areas:

    • Underrepresentation of Students of Color in GT/AP/Honors
    • Overrepresentation of Students of Color in discipline
    • Overrepresentation of Students of Color in Special Education

    Through OGC-CCS’ multi-year program, school leadership teams will identify the potential root causes of a disparity, then develop and implement action steps to transform school-based structures and practices to positively impact student success. 

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