The Job Evaluation Process

  • A job evaluation should be conducted for-

    1. A new job that did not previously exist in the department.
    2. For a vacant or occupied job  in which there has been significant changes in the job including addition or elimination of job responsibilities, complexity, and scope (30% or more). 
    3. A “reorganization” occurs when more than one job in a department or unit is significantly changing or when a department’s reporting structures are changing at any level.
  • When Is Job Evaluation Not Required? +

    1. The volume of work has changed, but the complexity has not.
    2. Job description requires minor changes; some duties are added or deleted but the nature of the role is maintained. Submit the updated job description to the HR Partner.
    3. The title of the job has changed, with no change to duties. Submit the title change to the HR Partner. See attached DPS job title guidelines.
    4. Higher level duties have been assigned for a temporary period of time. A temporary stipend may be considered in this case. Review your request with your HR Partner.
    5. Employee performance is outside the expected norm – either exceptional or below standards.
    6. When an employee has undertaken work voluntarily, without formal agreement or approval of the supervisor. If in fact they do represent a significant change to the job, a re-evaluation of the job, on that basis, should be sought.

  • Job Evaluation Process

    Phase 1: Review -

    Schedule a meeting with the HR Business Partner to discuss the situation. Provide the HR Business Partner with a summary of the business needs for the change. 

    Phase 2: Plan-

    If a new or updated job description is necessary, the manager, in collaboration with the HR Partner, determines the appropriate job title and job description template to complete. Utilize the DPS Titles Table  to access the template by clicking on the job title. Complete the questionnaire on the second tab of the template and provide an updated organizational chart. Submit all documents to the HR Business Partner for review.  

    • For guidance on completing the template and writing a job description refer to the Manager Reference Guide
    • If a new job description is not required, complete only the Job Evaluation Questionnaire.  
    • When making updates to an exisiting job description, transfer the prior description to the appropriate template. 

     Phase 3: Evaluate 

    The HR Partner submits the job evaluation questionaire, job description, organizational chart, and employee resume (if applicable)  to

    The Compensation Department conducts the job evaluation. Please allow up to 10 business days for a job evaluation. 

     Phase 4: Implement 

    The Compensation Department returns the finalized job description with the appropriate job code, position title,  and assigned salary grade that the manager will utilize to submit the appropriate transactions through Infor.