Employee Wellness Programs

  • All DPS employees have access to a comprehensive wellness program that supports their physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being.  To learn more or to register for a workshop or webinar, please click the buttons below.

    To access the 2022-2023 Employee Wellness Program one-pager, please click here.  

  • Physical

    • ClassPass: Fitness industry leader ClassPass makes it easier for you to work out from anywhere.  With this ClassPass offer, Kaiser Permanente members can get:
      • Unlimited on-demand video workouts at NO cost
      • Reduced rates on livestream and in-person fitness classes
      • To get started, sign in at kp.org/exercise.

    • Move @ Work: This virtual-based program encourages employees to take 5-7 minutes each day to move at work.  Certified personal trainer, Saara Haapanen, created this program to focus on physical activity, stretching, and mindfulness.  Learn more here!

    • YOU Revolution: This 8-week health and wellness program covers nutrition, sleep, stress management, and exercise, and involves one-on-one health coaching opportunities to improve an individual’s physical and mental well-being! The program is free and exclusive to DPS employees.  

    • Walktober: On Oct. 1, DPS employees took a virtual tour of landscapes around the world – all while incorporating more physical activity into their life here in Denver! Walktober featured a motivating team competition, interactive message board, helpful resources, PRIZES, and more. 

    • Back-2-School 5K: This FREE 5k race is brought to you by Boulder Running Company and the Employee Wellness Department.  It is open to all DPS employees and their families. 

  • Social/Emotional

    • Mental Health First Aid: Participants will learn and practice activities that elevate emotional fitness, including guided exercises to increase optimism, enhance mindfulness, share gratitude, make stronger connections, and more. Participants can sign-up individually, as a team with coworkers, or with household members (18+ years).

    • Work of Art: DPS employees embarked on learning and practicing activities that elevate emotional fitness, including skills to enhance resilience and boost happiness. Tho learn more about this four-week challenge, please watch this 2-minute video

    • Breath for ChangeThis workshop will be facilitated by Andi Leggett (Dance Teacher at Hamilton Middle School), who is a member of the Breathe for Change trainees and community. It will follow the Breathe for Change arc and is rooted in sharing love and kindness for ourselves and others.
      This virtual workshop will include a variety of practices that support self-awareness, emotional regulation, social awareness, and kindness. Participants will make a commitment to mindfulness practice.

  • Financial

    • Corebridge Financial Services: Provides financial planning and retirement services for DPS employees. To schedule a time for a FREE one-on-one consult with an advisor, please call (855) 230-3616 or click here!

    • Corebridge Financial Future FIT Financial Wellness Series: This webinar series is all about making it easy to learn about the financial topics that matter most to you whether you’re just starting your career or nearing retirement. 
      • Retirement Pathfinder
      • Student Debt Solutions
      • Simple Steps to Improving Your Financial Health
      • Risk Management
      • Retirement Strategies for Women

    • PERA 101: Virtual and in-person financial sessions that gives employees a better understanding of the Colorado PERA retirement system.  

    • PERACare Medicare Informational Webinar: Whether you’re about to retire or already enrolled in Medicare, knowing more about your Medicare benefits can give you an advantage. Join our free PERACare Informational Webinar just for Denver Public Schools employees to learn more about Medicare and the retiree health care insurance options offered through PERA. We’ll also discuss how your coverage can change once you retire and what to do if you plan to keep working after 65. 

    • PERA URE: Understanding Your Retirement Estimate (URE) sessions give employees who are within five years of retirement the opportunity to learn more about the retirement process and receive a personal PERA benefit estimate.

    • PERA Retirement Process: Are you thinking of retiring at the end of this school year? If so, the Retirement Process Webinar will be perfect for you. Everything you need to apply for retirement with confidence. This webinar is designed for people who are one to two years from retirement. You’ll learn about the forms you’ll need to complete, how and when to submit your forms, option selection, taxes, and more.

    • Well Aware: An incentive-based program that encourages employees to be up-to-date on their preventive screenings and fill out a health risk assessment.  All DPS benefit-eligible employees can participate and will receive a $200 stipend upon completion.

  • Spiritual

    • Head Space: A meditation app that helps reduce stress while increasing resilience and improving sleep. DPS educators have access to the Headspace app at no cost!

    • Woodhull WellnessParticipants will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness, with the aim to help educators perform more effectively at home and at work. Participants will develop mindfulness strategies to become more productive and improve the quality of sleep.

  • For more information about the Employee Wellness District-wide programming offers, please reach out to staffwellness@dpsk12.net

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  • Disclaimer: Gifts starting at $25.01 are taxable to the recipient as supplemental wages and are subject to both income tax and employment taxes.