Emergency Management Training

  • Emergency Management Life Cycle

    The Emergency Management Division maintains, develops and integrates training for DPS employees and students. These efforts include school drills, and departmental and district-wide trainings. DPS follows standards established by federal and state law. The organizational structure for emergency management within DPS also aligns with those principles outlined by the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

    In order to ensure this standard is met, Emergency Management Training is required for all school emergency teams (School E-Teams) annually. School E-Teams consist of the school administrator, assigned team members and their alternates.

    Training Changes

    Due to the current health concerns, we have moved our in-person training to an online format.  All staff listed on your emergency operations plan will be required to complete the training through the DPS LMS.  To register and luanch the training, you can follow this link.

    Emergency Management E-Team Training


    Emergency Evacuation Maps

    Requests for copies of or changes to your school emergency evacuation maps must be submitted using the DoTS Hotline Submission Form.

    If a request is for a change to an existing map, reach out to your emergency management specialist to schedule a site walk to discuss the change. 

    Emergency Planning and Operations Forms