Employee Name Change

  • Has your legal name changed?

    Employee Action Required: When your legal name changes, you are required to update your name with DPS. To update your name, visit employeespace and follow these instructions. Please note: you will be required to upload a copy of your Social Security Card, with your new/updated name.

    Process: When your name has been updated in employee space, you will receive an approval email from Infor confirming your changes have been processed.

    What to Expect:

    1. Your dpsk12.org email address and display name will be updated to reflect your new name.                                                                       ***All emails will flow to and from your new email address, you will not lose any emails from your “old” email inbox.
    2. Your Skype address and contact information in the Outlook Address Book will be updated.
    3. Your username will remain the same for all DPS systems, including your DPS Google account (dpsk12.net).
    4. Your new name will automatically be sent to your medical and supplemental insurance providers within 30 days.
    5. Your name change should not affect your paycheck, but we do recommend advising your bank of your name change.

    Employee Action Optional: To request that your DPS username/login is changed to reflect your new name.

    Process: Create a Self-Service Incident at dotshelp.dpsk12.org, please include your preferred contact number and the time of day you are available via phone to complete the process below.

    What to Expect:

    1. Once your incident is submitted, a DoTS technician will contact you to complete the process below.
      1. Verbally authorize the change.
      2. Receive your new username.
      3. Ask you to test your new login to ensure it is working properly (make sure you have a computer available).
    2. The username that you use to login to DPS Systems, such as Employee Space, Infinite Campus, your computer (PCs only), Google, Outlook, Kronos, etc. will be updated within 24 hours.
    3. Your DPS Google account will also be updated to your newusername@dpsk12.net.
    4. The username you use to log-in to several outside vendor programs, including SmartFindExpress, will not be updated.


    Employee Action Required:

    Do you have a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Complete and submit an HSA Bank Account Name Change Form.

    All DPS employees contribute to Colorado PERA. To change your name with PERA, please log into your online PERA account and follow instructions. 

    Questions? Contact HR Connect at HR_Connect@dpsk12.org or call 720-423-3900.