Preventative Maintenance Services

  • The Preventive Maintenance Department performs maintenance on mechanical equipment and other items in the Schools that require schedule maintenance annually. The shop uses a cyclic system that visits the building three times a year. We perform tasks such as cleaning boilers and checking that safeties are working properly. In addition, the domestic hot water heaters are inspected and check for proper operation. Air handling equipment is serviced, belts are changed, bearings are lubed and the filtration is monitored or replaced as need with industry standards. Heating coils and cooling coils are inspected and cleaned as need. Exhaust fans are serviced once a year to insure that they are able to run as needed for ventilation. The shop also performs inspection on items including stage rigging, lunchroom tables for safe operation. Playground equipment and gym equipment is looked at and task generated for any major repairs needed. Preventive Maintenance oversees the code compliant contract for all the districts fire extinguishers: annul inspection and replacement due to use of the extinguisher or vandalism of the device or the cabinets they are secured in.

    Maintenance and Operations Warehouse (MOW)

    The Maintenance and Operations Warehouse is an internal location where commonly utilized tools and materials are available for the Denver Public School’s employees.

    If you are interested in ordering supplies from the MOW, enter a work task through Tririga, or email

    MOW Catalog