Protective Coatings Shop Functions Services

  • The Protective Coatings Department works to collaboratively build and ensure a positive workplace climate and productive work environment in which to fulfill our responsibility to the students, community and schools of DPS. There will be a participatory management style, strong teamwork and work ethic sustained through open and honest communication, respect for one another, commitment to job quality and integrity in all that we do.

    Protective Coatings Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all district property, we specialize in paint, roofing, plaster/insulation, graphic design and graffiti removal 24/7/365

    Our department has oversight and coordination on anywhere from 15 to 30 self-help and volunteer projects in any given period of the year and supports the other shops with equipment and set up as well as assuring after their projects are completed, the finishes are put back to an acceptable condition.

    In-shop specialty coatings

    • Repair and refinish all woodwork old and new, in support of schools and facility departments.
    • Use of automotive, industrial and baked urethane finishes.
    • Apply powder coat finishes to industrial parts as well as metal fabrication produced by metals department.
    • Custom artwork for school murals and hand painted logos.


    • Repair, repaint, and maintain all interior and exterior painting, Including but not limited to parking lots, kitchens classrooms, doors, furniture, and all products produced by other shops.
    • Working with the community to oversee self-help and volunteer programs as well as inspect all contract work.
    • Assist in the repair of projects by others.
    • Maintain and collect color pallet for all schools.
    • Maintain and update records of RRP lead program.


    • Repair and maintain 8,171,777 square feet of roof space including built up, EPDM, metal, PVC, and asphalt roofs.
    • Provide preventive maintenance information by inspecting and repairing on a yearly schedule, working closely with other shops when installing new product on school roofs.
    • Participate in job walks and inspection of contract work.
    • Assisting in other shop functions as assigned.
    • Maintain and update informational data on roof decks.

    Plaster work/insulating

    • Repair and replace all damaged plaster throughout district, including working with hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead surfaces (RRP).
    • Repair and replace missing or damaged installation throughout district such as boiler rooms and H.V.A.C. units and ducting.
    • Bid school-will-pay projects, as well as, oversee self-help programs and contract inspections.
    • Assists in other shop functions as assigned.

    Graphic art

    • Design, repair, and replace signage, name plates, awards, plaques, labels, safety markings, banners for school openings, working closely with Fire Department and security to provide proper signage.
    • Design graphics and caricatures for schools.
    • Review plans and contracts inspections, assists other trades in-shop as assigned.

    Graffiti removal

    • Remove an average of 168,000 square feet of exterior graffiti throughout the district yearly.
    • Work hand-in-hand with school F.M’s on graffiti removal in and outside of schools, play grounds, bathrooms, retaining walls, doors, windows, etc.
    • Working with the City of DENVER on a daily basis to remove graffiti.
    • Proactive in the prevention of graffiti, gathering data and reporting to Denver Partners against Graffiti.
    • Assists other painters as assigned.