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    **Grade-level changes must be updated in IC NO LATER THAN one day prior to the first day of testing.

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    SAL Ethics and Administration Schedule

    Opt Out Policy

    Parents/guardians can opt students out of CMAS in the DPS Parent Portal through February. After Frebruary, families can request an opt out form from their student's school. Once the form is signed and retunred, the school enters the opt out information into Infinite Campus.

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    PearsonAccessNext:  Testing Site | Training Site

    Assessment Applications
    - Oasis Data Entry: UAR and TSA
    - School Folders
    - Irregularity Report
    - Request Additional CMAS Materials
    - SAL Designation Tool

  • Technology

    For technology questions, please visit the Technology Resource page: Technology Setup.

    DoTS Support

    DoTS provides training for technology representatives in February. 

    Contact the DoTS Service Desk at 720-423-3888 or for

    • Device Support
    • Device Setup questions
    • Network Support

  • Accommodations

    Please refer to the Accommodations folder within the SAL Google folder

  • Score Resources

    Score Resources

    CMAS student reports available

    • Individual Student Reports (paper copies of student performance results) are sent to schools in early fall. Schools need to distribute these reports to families. 
      • Resources are linked here.
      • Families can view reports on the DPS Parent Portal.
    • Teachers and administrators can view their school/student results in the Principal & Teacher Portals.  
    • Teachers can also view student results in Illuminate.
    • Site Assessment Leaders gain access to PearsonAccessNext after CMAS SAL designation. 

  • What is the purpose of CMAS?

    CMAS is the only assessment given to all Colorado students.  It measures what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade in math, English language arts and science.  Results show if a student is performing at grade level, if they are on track for the next grade and how their results compare to their peers at school and across the district and the state.

  • Who Takes CMAS?

    Elementary and Middle School Students

    Each spring, CMAS is given to elementary and middle school students in the following grades and subjects:

    • English Language Arts/ELA 
    • Spanish Language Arts/CSLA (Grades 3-4)
      • *CSLA is taken in place of ELA by indentified multilingual learners
    • Mathematics (Grades 3-8)
    • Science (Grade 5 and 8)

    High School Students

    9th and 10th Grade Students

    Each spring, ninth and tenth grade students take the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) for language arts and math. There are no CMAS assessments given at these grades.

    11th Grade Students

    Each spring, eleventh grade students take the following state assessments:

    • CMAS Science
    • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) for language arts and mathematics

  • How will students be tested?

    CMAS is primarily and online test which is administered in April. Check with your school for the specific days and times, since each school's schedule will vary. 

  • How can we prepare our students for CMAS?

    CMAS is based on the Colorado Academic Standards, which students are learning throughout the school year. Students practice resources can be found here

  • Colorado Alternate State Assessment

    For additional information, please visit the CoAlt and DLM page.

  • When will CMAS results be available?

    Individual student performance reports are uploaded to Portals in July. Score reports and distribution instructions are sent to designated Site Assessment Leaders at the beginning of the school year. These reports must be distributed home to students and their families by the end of September. 


Dates to Know

  • 2023-2024 Administration Dates

    April 8 - April 26 (Official CMAS Window)

    April 1 - April 5 and April 29 - May 3 (Extended Window for Online Literacy and Math)



    Susan Marinovich
    CMAS Specialist

    Assessment Applications
    (OASIS, School Folders, SAL Designation, etc.)