• The Colorado Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act (READ Act) was passed by the Colorado legislature and went into effect on July 1, 2013. This law focuses on K-3 literacy development but also required districts support older readers with significant reading deficiencies (SRD).  It includes requirements for assessment, individualized READ plans for students who have been identified as having a significant reading deficiency, and specifics around parent communication and involvement. CDE will be collecting READ Act information yearly. DPS currently supports Istation as its READ Act assessment in grades K-8 and i-Ready in grades 6 – 12. STAR Early Literacy, STAR Reader, i-Ready, DIBELS 8 and mClass Lectura are also approved for use within DPS.

    • 2023-24 School Year

      Fall Assessment Window


      Grades 1-12: 

      Initial Screener: 9/5/23-9/21/23
      Verification (as needed) for 1-3: 10/2/23 - 10/11/23


      Initial Screener: 10/2/23 - 10/27/23
      Verification (as needed) 11/1/23 - 11/17/23


      Midyear Assessment Window

      All Grades:

      Assessment: 1/3/24 - 1/26/23
      Verification (as needed) for K-3: 2/1/24 - 2/15/24

      Spring Assessment Window

      All Grades:

      Assessment: 5/1/24 - 5/24/24
      No verifications in this window

      Teacher Decision Deadline


          1st-12th:  10/11/23-10/18/23   

          Kindergarten: 11/27/23-12/1/23

      Midyear:  All Grades: 2/15/24-2/23/24 

      Spring: N/A


       READ Plan Completion Deadlines:

       Fall: 10/31/23 (1st-12th)

              12/15/23 (Kindergarten)

       Midyear: 3/8/24 (All Grades)

       Spring: 5/31/24 (All Grades)


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      Assessment Applications
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