Equity Boot Camp

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    Equity Boot Camp provides the opportunity to build skills and deepen your ability to infuse equity, inclusion and culturally responsive practices into your work during this one-day program.



    Sign Me Up:

    To sign up for an Equity Boot Camp follow the directions below:

    *If you have issues registering through the system, please email dpsequity@dpsk12.org to register!*
    Follow these steps to register through Infor:
    Step 1: Sign in to Infor Learning Management using your DPS username and password
    Step 2: Select "Courses" on the left sidebar
    Step 3: Click "Filter" to expand the search box. Enter “Equity Bootcamp” in the search box. Click "Apply."
    Step 4: Click the Equity Bootcamp box to see a list of upcoming sessions. Select your session by clicking the “Register” button. You will receive a message when you have been successfully registered.
  • What is Equity Boot Camp?

    Equity Boot Camp provides an opportunity to build professional and personal skills with colleagues to deepen our ability to infuse equity, inclusion and culturally responsive practices in schools and department teams throughout the district. 

    School-based participants receive guest-teacher support.

  • Who Should Attend?

    All team members are encouraged to attend Equity Boot Camp sessions throughout the year.

  • Supports Your Goals and PD Credit

    Participation in this program provides the tools and knowledge to help you achieve the following goals:

    LIFT and LEAD Goals:

    • People & Culture
    • Community & Equity

    LEAP Framework

    • Learning Environment

    Teachers: Participation in this program fills your professional learning requirement for Equity and Inclusion Leadership.

  • What people are saying about Equity Boot Camp

    "At the start of every coaching cycle, I set time aside for teachers to unpack any implicit or explicit biases that may impact a teacher-student relationship. After listening to students to share their stories about micro-aggressions at the Equity Bootcamp in November, I started to re-think my current approach. Rather than asking teachers to name a student they are struggling with, I started to wonder if this approach could become more student-centered. I paired up with a HR Partner, Ellen, to serve as my accountability partner. She listened to my plea for a new approach and helped me craft a new set of questions and a plan for follow-through."

    "I started using this new approach right way and two teachers reached out to me within the first two weeks. Both said this transformed their relationships with students they often times struggle with. One teacher shared this with her ILT team and they asked her to do this with all of her students. I am forever grateful for Ellen’s support and appreciate the relationship we have to continue this work. And, I am excited to see what impact this will have on teachers and their relationships with students moving forward!" Nik Casey, New Teacher Support Partner, Human Resources

  • Past Equity Boot Camp Topics

    Past Topics Include: