Mentorship Program

  •  Reach One Mentoring

    Reach One Mentoring provides confidential space for new teachers of color to build meaningful professional relationships, allowing them to be their most authentic self. Through this opportunity, mentees will build a greater level of trust, sense of belonging and support to grow and succeed within DPS. 

    This mentorship program matches mentors and mentees of color to participate in one-on-one monthly sessions that are dedicated to connecting with and supporting our new teachers of color through authentic conversations. Through structured protocols, mentees work with their mentors to develop leadership skills, reflect on individual practices and strengthen professional contributions.

    We are currently in the process of accepting mentees and mentors for the 2023-2024 school year!


    To become a mentee, click here

    To become a mentor, click here


    If you are returning as a mentor or mentee in Reach One Mentoring, click here

    For questions and to learn more, please email Angela Faison

Reach One Mentoring