DPS Aspire

  • Aspire

    During this celebrated two-day program, learn strategies on how to identify leadership capacity, style and strengths, navigate difficult conversations and create action plans to grow and improve.

    As one participant put it simply, "Aspire will exceed your expectations and renew your sense of power." 

    • October 3-4, 2023
    • January 30-31, 2024
    • March 5-6, 2024
    • May 21-22, 2024

    To sign up follow these steps:

    Step 1: Sign in to Infor Learning Management using your DPS username (first name_last name) and password
    Step 2: Select "Courses" on the left sidebar
    Step 3: Click "Filter" to expand the search box. Enter “Aspire” in the search box. Click "Apply."
    Step 4: Click the Aspire box to see a list of upcoming sessions. Select your session by clicking the “Register” button. You will receive a message when you have been successfully registered.
    *If you have issues registering through the system, please email dpsaspire@dpsk12.org to register!*
  • What is Aspire?

    Aspire is an engaging, two-day values-based leadership program designed to build and strengthen your existing leadership capacity. Over the two days, learn to transform DPS values into action, vision into reality, obstacles into innovation and risks into rewards.

    Participants will be able to:

    • Identify individual leadership capacity, style, and strengths
    • Build meaningful relationships with peers and colleagues across DPS
    • Learn how to lead through the lens of cultural responsiveness and equity
    • Learn how to leverage and take action through the sphere of influence
    • Understand the importance of cultivating greatness in others
    • Learn how to navigate a difficult conversation
    • Identify strengths and opportunities for growth by integrating the DPS values
    • Learn how to lead for change through our mission and values 
    • Develop strategies and action plan to grow and improve  

    School-based participants also receive guest-teacher support.

  • Who Should Attend?

    All team members who are looking to grow their talents within their school or department team are encouraged to attend Aspire.

  • Supports Your Goals and PD Credit

    Participation in this program provides the tools and knowledge to help you achieve the following goals:

    LIFT and LEAD Goals:

    • Personal & Values 
    • Vision & Strategy 
    • People & Culture
    • Community & Equity

    LEAP Framework:

    • Learning Environment
    • Professionalism

    Teachers: Participation in this program fills your professional learning requirement for Competency-Based Leadership Development.

  • What people are saying about Aspire

    "I believe that every teacher, every member of DPS should dedicate those two days to learning about themselves, about improving as a person, about relationships... I would recommend this course to all members of DPS. I enjoyed so much this training, it really changed my life."

    "I loved the small group workshop format. This is a valuable workshop to whatever you do in life or with DPS."

    "This was an incredibly valuable and meaningful experience! Thank you to all of the facilitators for bringing their stories and for challenging societal, personal, and group norms. While it may make participants uncomfortable to start, I think this program can push people to go deeper by establishing clear norms of vulnerability and participation early on. I started Aspire expecting a "pre-packaged" professional development experience (...) I was completely caught off guard by the quality of the program compared to these expectations. Keep pushing to make every minute of this program valuable! Aspire is an incredible asset to developing a stronger DPS culture."

    "I love working in Denver Public Schools. I came to Martin Luther King Jr. Early College because I was committed to the vision and purpose of equity in student achievement. I have attended and benefitted from scores of professional development that refined and renewed my practice. DPSAspire, however, was of a different caliber. It was the first training that truly addressed and impacted my soul as a teacher and leader. We have all encountered those leaders who lead from a truly authentic, passionate place; they seem to just have a different skill set or a gift. While that may be true, DPSAspire began to deepen my capacity to be that type of leader as well."