Celebrating Cultural Moments

  • Denver Public Schools strives to recognize cultures and identities year round. With equity as our core identity, we aim to celebrate the significant cultural moments of our students and staff, especially those that have not been historically and consistently recognized.

    We will continue to honor the rich diversity within DPS during nationally recognized months dedicated to cultures and identities — and this year, we’ll highlight stories, events, and resources shared by members of our DPS community. We also will continue to celebrate historic cultural moments, with emphasis on those that contributed to equity and civil rights for members of marginalized communities.

    We hope this effort will recognize, acknowledge and honor communities, cultures and lived experiences, and create a DPS where all belong and are included.

  • More than just a month, more than just a day

    We know that the lived experiences attached to these months and days cannot be limited by a month or day. This effort is aimed to bring awareness to the moment, but not to silence its everyday importance. Let this be a building block for ongoing learning and appreciation. 

    We encourage all leaders and team members who are scheduling activities and meetings to ensure that they are familiar with the nature and needs of the religious groups in their school and in our community. A list of religious holidays has been created to support you in planning your calendar, activities and meetings. If you have questions or would like to request an addition to this list, please email DPSequity@dpsk12.org.

    Celebrating Through Inclusion

    The content, articles, and resources shared through this effort are curated by members of the community who identify with the cultural moments being celebrated.