Administrator and ProTech Compensation at DPS

  • Administrator jobs are defined as jobs responsible for managing employees and functions. These jobs are also eligible for two additional personal days off. Examples of these jobs include Director (Principal), Manager (Assistant Principal), and Supervisor.


    ProTech jobs are defined as jobs that support central office and schools that are not in a bargaining unit. 

  • Base Pay

    The salary structure consists of a number of grades. Each grade has a  range of pay rates, from minimum to maximum. Jobs are placed into grades based upon the market value and qualifications required for the job. There are multiple jobs within each pay grade. Placement within the range for your job is determined by your individual experience and education as well as the salaries of others in the same or similar role.

    The Central Office Salary Structure defines all grade ranges available.

  • Extra Duty Pay (Overtime)

    Extra Duty Pay may apply when you do work that is:

    • Part of your normal job but requires significant extra hours outside of your normal work day, OR
    • You are performing additional duties that require extra time outside of your regular work schedule (these duties are not significant enough to justify a job change), OR
    • You work additional days prior to the start or end of your contract year.

    The Guidelines for Additional Pay demonstrate a number of scenarios where Extra Pay is granted. 

    Non-Exempt Employees: are eligible for extra pay for hours worked over 40-hours per week. Hours are paid at the Overtime rate (1.5 times your hourly rate). All time worked should be entered into TruePay (time and attendance system). They are paid in the pay period that the work was performed. 
    Exempt Employees: salaries for exempt employees typically cover all necessary effort to perform the job’s duties. Exceptions include significant amounts of overtime (for example: an employee who is working additional time to cover a vacant position in the department). This additional time can be submitted as Extra Pay in TruePay. Payment is made at your base hourly rate.