Native American Heritage Month

  • Native American Heritage Month

  • Resources for the Classroom

    NACE Elementary School Book List

    NACE Middle and High School Book List 

    What is Native American Heritage Month? - Providing an accurate description of the history of Native American History Month. 

    Myths About Thanksgiving - Provided by the Oyate, these myths and facts can assist students, parents and teachers in thinking critically about the Thanksgiving holiday, and deconstructing what we have been taught about the history of this continent and the world.

    Native Knowledge 360° Education Initiative - Transforming teaching and learning about Native Americans

    Cultural Awareness - Native American Do’s and Don’ts - This is an informal guide to help with acknowledging culture change when opening a dialogue between Native Americans and non-Native Americans. The list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” have been assembled by the Native American community  members of the University of South Dakota’s. This should help to encourage non-Native Americans to learn some “Dos” and “Don'ts''.

    Vision Maker Media Native Film Collection - Here is a collection of films about Native Americans that teachers, families, and students can view to learn more.

    DPS Native American Culture and Education - Native American Culture and Education (NACE) supports around 1,000 Native American/Alaska Native students in Denver Public Schools, many of whom experience two worlds in their day-to-day lives as they navigate the Denver community but still have a strong cultural identity with their tribal Nations.

    Fourth Grade Ute Curriculum - This is a course for high school age students taught at Denver Center for International Studies Middle School and High Schools, North High School  as well as East High School. Students learn the basic alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and cultural aspects of the Lakota language. Issues regarding the importance of preserving the language are addressed. The course syllabus is available at the Native American Culture and Education Department.

    National Indian Education Association Curriculum - This is a vast curriculum resource list developed by Native educators.

    American Indian College Fund Resource Guide - Read more about the different Native American issues and interests.

  • Indigenous peoples are the first Americans of this country. In Colorado, we occupy the traditional and ancestral homelands of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute Nations. The month of November is established as Native American Heritage Month, and was formalized in 1990 during the Bush administration, and continues to be established through presidential proclamations since. November is a time to recognize, honor, and celebrate the diverse traditions, cultures, and languages of the first Americans. In addition, to honor our Native American veterans and service members who have courageously served and continue to serve in the armed forces. This is a time for individuals to learn and acknowledge the significant sacrifices and contributions Native Americans faced and overcame, both historically and presently. Today there are over 574 Native American sovereign Tribal nations here in the United States, each with many enrolled citizens. 

    In DPS, we are honoring this cultural moment with celebration of our Native community and through learning.

Call for Submissions: Share Student Work & Art

  • From Nov. 1 through Nov. 30, we will be joining in local and national celebrations/recognitions of Native American Heritage Month. We want to feature how our students are learning about, connecting with, interpreting and celebrating this cultural moment through their writing, artwork, music, photos and videos. We’ll share submissions on our website and social media channels at the end of the month. Submitted content may be screened for a focus on highlighting the moment and grounding in our vision of equity, inclusion and belonging for all students and community. Please email your submissions to by Friday, Nov. 19 for consideration.