• DPS Employee Wellness

    Our Vision: To provide a workplace where our employees are thriving.

    Our Mission: To establish a workplace that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle by integrating health promotion activities, environmental changes, and resources that help enhance the health and well-being of all DPS employees.

Employee Wellness Toolkit:

Changes to Aetna's Wellness Portal

  • Aetna will be moving its member experience to a new, more intuitive platform within Virgin Pulse. For information on logging into your new health and wellness portal, please click here.  With this transition there will be a few changes coming;

    • Members will lose their health assessment response history. However, they can download their current health assessment report before the transition, July 1, 2021, in order to compare results from prior years. 
    • Members will lose their Journey program history on June 14, 2021. This means members should finish any active Journeys prior to the transition.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to Aetna's DPS concierges line at 855-220-6316 

Understanding Mental Health:

  • Mental well-being includes mental health, but goes far beyond treating mental illness.  Your mental health can change over time, depending on factors such as your workload, stress, and work-life balance. The first steps to getting help are often the most difficult.  Wherever you begin, Kaiser Permanente and Aetna will help get you where you need to be!

    To learn more about starting a conversation about mental and emotional health click below:

    For more information about mental well-being resources and tips, click here!

COVID-19 Toolkit:

  • The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has put organizations and employees on alert. This information can help keep employees informed about the coronavirus, as well as offer guidance on how to remain healthy and deal with the emotional impacts of the outbreak. Keep in mind that your GuidanceResources program is available to you and your employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with virtually any issue.

    •  Navigating Life at Home
    •  Return to Work Guide
    •  Resiliency Resources
    •  COVID-19 FAQs
    •  Staying Healthy at Work 

    To view the toolkit, please click here.  

Employee Wellness Goals and Objectives:

  • 2021-2022 

    • Offer employee wellness programming and resources based upon the needs and interests of DPS employees and in alignment with district priorities.  
    • Strive to ensure all DPS employee voices are heard and represented in the department's work.
    • Grow the Wellness Champion Network across the district.
    • Promote the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) among employees.
    • Increase utilization of the $200 Well Aware Reward Program.   

    To view the Employee Wellness Program one-pager, please click here


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  • Workplace Well-being Award

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