School Discipline & Attendance

  • School Discipline and Attendance (SDA) is an annual submission mandated by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). The purpose of this submission is to report the district’s behavioral incidents and attendance data to the state at the school level. This includes information on the number of behavior incidents and the most severe outcome for each, the number of students who received suspensions and/or expulsion, and student attendance data.

    Key Dates:



      May 2020


    •  SDA Submission Opens

     Mid April - Early June 2020

    •  Start and continue to pull Behavior Error Report for review (For instructions, please visit the SDA Handbook link below) 



     End of May - Early June 2020


    • Ensure all behavior is entered and all errors are corrected
    • Confirm all attendance data is accurate


     Mid July 2020


    • SDA Submission closes



    School Discipline & Attendance (SDA) Handbook (.pdf)