• District Grant Application Process

    Welcome to our grant application process – This guide is designed to create greater coherence in our district, simplify your journey in applying for funding opportunities and recognize the capacity needed to apply for and manage grants. We understand the importance of your time, and we stress reading this document thoroughly for your success.

    Grant Application Timeline

    Please refer to this timeline when you are considering applying for a grant as it will guide you through all the steps needed in order to ensure a smooth and successful application process. 

    District Grant Application Deadline

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District Grant Application Process Guidance

Begin your grant application journey by carefully assessing these essential questions. They will help you determine if pursuing a grant is the right decision for DPS overall and your team's goals.

  • Do Not Solicit List Verification: Is the Grant organization on the DPS Foundation's Do Not Solicit List? If yes, remember to connect with the DPS Foundation for approval before proceeding. Make sure to revisit this document after getting approval to continue the application process.

    DPS Foundation Do Not Solicit List
  • Eligibility Assessment: Does your team meet the basic eligibility criteria for the grant? If yes, consider if you can invest the necessary time, effort, and resources for the application process, both now and after being awarded the grant. If not, exploring other opportunities may be more beneficial. Additionally, consider the long-term sustainability of the program. Are you planning on covering the costs with general funds once the grant is over? Grants are inherently unsustainable. You will not automatically receive funding when the grant runs out. Following the end of the grant, the Executive Director of your team will be asked to make a decision to re-allocate existing team funding to the grant program/initiatives or end the initiative.

  • Approval and Collaboration within your Office and Team: Have you received approval and support from your Executive Director or above? If yes, does the grant application have an impact on other teams in your office, meaning they need to be involved? If that's the case, have you talked to them about it? If not, make sure your team connects and works together with the affected team(s) before you continue with the application. This way, you'll ensure a solid application and successful grant management.

  • Collaboration with other Offices and Teams: Could other teams, departments, or schools be impacted or do you need their support for implementation? If so, make sure your team discusses the grant opportunity with other teams, departments, or schools. Do you have their support for this grant opportunity? Make sure your team connects and works together with the affected team(s) before you continue with the application. This way, you'll ensure a solid application and successful grant management.

  • Approvals Required from other Teams:

    • Does your project involve software and/or technology?

      • If your project involves technology like software or managing student or adult data, make sure to obtain approval from the Department of Technology (DoTs), Josh Allen, before proceeding further.

    • Does your project involve adding FTE / team members?

      • If your plan involves hiring new part-time or full-time employees, such as creating new positions or adjusting pay, ensure you work closely with your HR partner and secure approval from your cabinet member.

      • If your plan involves new contracts / contractors, you must follow existing ICA policies and procedures. This may include obtaining quotes (>$10k, <$250k) and/or issuing an RFP (>$250k) prior to services beginning.

    • Does your project involve software, data, or reporting?

      • Engaging the Office of the General Counsel is crucial when dealing with contractual obligations; their expertise ensures thorough contract reviews, preventing the potential for binding and costly commitments.

Next Steps: We're here to provide guidance, help you make informed decisions and work towards achieving your team's goals. Now, let's move forward to the "Intent to Apply" decision tree.

Intent to Apply