Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA)

  • Independent Contractor Information

    Schools/Departments interested in using a particular supplier must ensure that the supplier is registered in the DPS Supplier Portal. Once registered, email both Accounts Payable and Tyler Meyers to have a vendor number assigned. It is required that vendors have both a supplier number and a vendor number before the ICA webform process can begin.

    There are unique provisions that must be met for Colorado PERA Retirees. Please review all Colorado PERA rules.

    Review the ICA Operating Procedures and follow the steps necessary to hire an Independent Contractors.

    Important Updates

    Independent Contractors are used when special skill sets are needed to perform services that otherwise are not available within the District. The District has made some important changes to the ICA process.

    To determine if hiring an Independent Contractor is right for your situation, complete the questionnaire below and email to



  • What if my Independent Contractor request is not approved?

    If a worker does not qualify as an independent contractor, you do have options.

      1. Utilize an already approve DPS staffing agency who will employ the worker. Staffing agencies include mark-up percentages for payroll fees.
      2. Hire the individual as a DPS employee through your HR Partner - either on a regular or temporary basis

    Note: Regular full or part-time employee Teaching, SSP or School Leaders roles are subject to the standard license, qualification and/or salary setting process.

  • What if I don’t see my name as a Requester in Webform?

    Verify you have completed all the necessary Lawson Financial trainings to gain access to the Requisition Center. Have your supervisor submit the Lawson Security Access Request Form. If all actions are completed, email your name to and Strategic Sourcing will add you to the list of Requesters in Webform.

  • How do I track where my ICA is in the process?

    There are serveral reports that are located on the BIS Reporting Portal.

    • 6502 ICA Status Report – Indicates where the ICA is in the process
    • 6501 ICA PO Report – Shows the accounting codes and the balance on the PO
    • 6246 PO-Approver By Location – Gives the list of approvers for each location

  • Who do I contact if I still have questions?

    Any questions related to the DPS ICA process, please email

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