Purchasing Card (PCard) Visa

  • DPS' preferred method for acquiring goods (barring prohibited items) costing less than $10,000 is our VISA PCard.

    Please find below the necessary links and documents for the DPS Pcard program. All documents found here should replace any previously acquired Pcard documents.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for below? Send any questions you have about your PCard or the PCard process to our mailbox at PCardsupport@dpsk12.org.


    How do I apply for a PCard / JP Morgan Chase VISA?

    1. Read this PCard Handbook in its entirety.

    2. Complete the two required training courses:

        a. Lawson and Accounts Basics Course   

        b. Purchase Card E-Learning Course

    3. Fill out the Cardholder Application and Agreement 

    4. Email your completed application to PCardsupport@dpsk12.org.

      * Completion of these training courses will be checked on the Learning Space transcript which can take up to 24 hours to update.

    After a card has been approved and ordered, it usually takes 7-10 business days to arrive at the PCard office at 780 Grant St. Once you have been notified your PCard is available for pick-up, look at the following schedule for days/times available to pick up your card PCard Pickup Schedule. The Cardholder is the only person authorized to pick up their card and must show District ID upon arrival. Appointments are required. 

    PCards must be picked up within 60 calendar days of the cardholder being notified the card was ready for pickup. Any PCard not picked up after 60 days will be canceled and the user will need to reapply if a card is required. 


    How do I become a reconciler or approver?

    1. Read the PCard Handbook in its entirety.

    2. Complete the required training courses:

        a. Purchase Card E-Learning Course

    3. Email PCardsupport@dpsk12.org when completed.


    What is the monthly reconcilation deadline?

    All PCards Transactions must be completely reviewed, reconciled, and approved by the 1st of the month by 5pm. 

    * Unless the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, then it must be done by 5pm on the prevous work day. For a detailed calender, please see the Account Cycle Dates


    Monthly PCard Newsletters

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    Purchasing Programs

    DPS Amazon Business Account:

    We are pleased to offer the District Amazon Business account to all schools and departments. This account ensures discount pricing, tax exemption, Prime Membership, and ease of use. To join, please contact PCardsupport@dpsk12.org. If you need Amazon Business support, please call 888.281.3847.



    Home Depot, Walmart, or Walmart.com: 

    Please use the corresponding tax exempt forms so you are not charged sales tax on their purchases. 


    Sam's Club:  

    To apply for a DPS Membership, you will need the DPS Denver City Tax Exemption Certificate and the Colorado Tax Exemption Certificate.

    Warehouse Store Membership

  • Board Policy on Food Purchases

    The Board Policy on food puchases has recently been updated. For all food purchases the Food Documentation Form must be attached to the Pcard transaction in PaymentNet or when submitting a reimbursment request form. If seeking an exception to the updated food policy the Food Approval Form must also be attached. The approval form must be completed and signed by the Principal/Executive Director and the appropriate Regional Superintendent/Senior Leadership Cabinet Member prior to purchase. For more information please refer to the Food Purchasing Policy FAQ. (NOTE: The forms are documents in the Google Drive. Click the download button in the top right corner to create a fillable PDF.)