Four Steps to Online Registration

  • Provided below are the resources available to support school front Office Professionals through the Online Registration process. 

    With the exception of the Family Navigation guides and Feature & Restrictions, these documents are for school use only. Please do not email families the links to any documents that are designated school use only.

    To access all documents you must use your DPS Google account to open. Request for access on accounts outside of DPS will be denied. This is a security measure to protect internal information.

    Please refer to the Support Matrix (SCHOOL USE ONLY). The Support Matrix provides many FAQ and will direct you to the correct department when additional support is needed.




     STEP 1




    Preparation is the key to preventing issues during the Online Registration process. These guides will help you market to your families and how to prepare ahead of time for both the Early Bird and Current Window



       STEP 2




    Online Registration is accessible through:

    • Parent Portal - (verify existing information) at least one student with an active enrollment in IC


    • Email Link - (blank application) new neighborhood students or students unable or unwilling to complete application on Parent Portal


      STEP 3





    Parent/guardian completes and submits application 

    Any support the parent/guardian needs completing the application will be provided by the school

    Office Professional can refer to the Support Matrix (SCHOOL USE ONLY) if Central Office support is needed



          School Resources

       STEP 4

    Staff Processing



    Once the Online Registration application is submitted, the school front Office Professional will review and approve application through Staff Processing



    Paper Registration - When a family needs to complete a paper packet visit New Student Registration packet or DoTS will send an email at the beginning of school year on how to print Paper Registration - Returning Student. Please remember that the paper packet now includes Part A & B



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