Using the first two domains of the DPS Framework for Effective Teaching, Learning Environment and Instruction, school leaders and/or peers observe a teacher’s classroom practice, collect evidence, align the evidence to the Framework for Effective Teaching, arrive at an indicator score to help capture the level of performance, and identify strengths and opportunities for growth. Then the observer reviews the evidence, plans feedback, documents the observation and feedback, conducts a meaningful feedback conversation that provides teachers with next steps for improvement, and suggests further professional learning opportunities. Observations are conducted by school-based observers (principals, assistant principals, Senior Team Leads and Team Leads, teacher leaders, etc.) and peer observers.

Logistics & Timing:

  • Throughout the school year—observations typically start in early September (two weeks after school starts) and are typically completed about three weeksprior to the last day of school.
  • Teachers receive 3 formal observations during the year that align with 3 LEAP Learning Cycles.

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