The third domain of the DPS Framework for Effective Teaching, Professionalism, reflects the off-stage, individual and collaborative teacher behaviors that impact planning, instruction and student learning. Professionalism includes observations of, and feedback on, each teacher’s contributions outside of classroom instructional time; i.e. contributions to school teams, use of data and planning, collaboration with parents and overall impact to the school culture. Professionalism is assessed by School Leaders formally at Mid-Year and End-of-Year conversations, however leaders should capture notes and have feedback conversations regarding Professionalism throughout year using the Quick Note function in the LEAP Application Tool at the bottom os the Professionalism tab. Professionalism is rated collaboratively by school-based evaluator (i.e., school leaders, and Senior Team Leads).

Logistics & Timing:
School leaders enter formal Professionalism notes and ratings for each indicator at both mid-year and end-of-year. School leaders are encouraged to provide evidence with each rating, either in written form or during conversations. Best practice is to holistically assess the teacher’s practice on each indicator rather than focus solely on isolated events. To assist with this, leaders can capture notes regarding Professionalism throughout the year using the quick note functionality in the LEAP Application Tool. Only the leader end-of-year ratings are used in the calculation for the overall performance rating. Prior to both the mid-year and end-of-year conversations, teachers also rate themselves on Professionalism and are also encouraged to capture ongoing notes in the LEAP Application Tool to reference at their mid-year and end-of-year conversations.

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