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    The Culture, Equity & Leadership Team (CELT) and the Native American Student Support Program have joined together to create the Equity & Culture Department.

    The Culture, Equity & Leadership Team (CELT) strives to make DPS the best place for everyone to learn, grow and have a positive impact. Our diversity is a community treasure, and we believe there is a social and moral obligation to ensure that Every Child Succeeds. In order to collectively reach this vision, we must create a culture of equity, develop great teachers, leaders and team members, and build trust within the communities we serve.

    To achieve this, we work to:

    • Improve our organization’s effectiveness by building a culture where team members can show up as their authentic and best selves.
    • Provide tools in the form of values-based leadership opportunities for people to champion a culture of equity and expand the conversation on diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Infuse an explicit and consistent focus on equity, inclusion and behavioral change.
    • Include students, families and communities as partners in our efforts.

    CELT drives the district’s mission and vision by leveraging our Shared Core Values to transform culture so that Every Child Succeeds.

    The goal of the Native American Student Support Program is to ensure American Indian and Alaskan Native students have access to an equitable education by providing culturally responsive support and services designed to help students achieve and be successful in Denver Public Schools. Our program staff recognizes the unique needs of Native American students and their families which stems from cultural values, traditional customs and settings. Learn more about what the Native American Student Support Program offers.



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