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    Employee built groups fostering diversity and inclusion.

    DPS Belong groups are intentional spaces for people with similar backgrounds, beliefs and experiences to gather, celebrate and create community. We recognize that our employees from underrepresented backgrounds bring diverse experiences, perspectives and approaches to the work that we do. These experiences and perspectives are what creates a stronger and more inclusive environment for both our employees and our students.



    DPSBelong Socials

    Belong Socials, which brings all DPS Belong groups together, are held every year in the spring and fall. To register for the next social and see the date and time, click here

    Join a Belong Group! Established groups include:

  • African American/Black Belong Group

    Lisa is reigniting the African American/ Black Belong group! Born and raised in Denver, she is a proud product of DPS Education and is currently a Coordinator with the Denver Math Fellows program! She is excited to reignite this important Belong group and is looking for a co-lead to help her grow the group! 

    You can join the African American/Black Belong group by registering here!

    Lead: Lisa_Atufunwa@dpsk12.org

  • Asian Belong Group


    We are the Asian Belong Group co-leads, Taha and Priscilla. The Asian Belong Group plans to make DPS more inclusive by providing translators at events and have meetings in the community by frequenting Asian businesses. We feel that the community is bigger than just our schools and we recognize that many of our parents are business owners.

    Join us by signing up here.

    Asian woman holding up a Korean flag and an Asian man eating at a table

    This year our goals include:

    1. Increase the number of gatherings this year from 2 to 4 events

    2. Increase the number of Asian employees on our mailing list by 10 new members

    3. Participate in the 2020 Census outreach. 

    Co Leads: Priscilla_Shaw@dpsk12.org; Taha_Zaffar@dpsk12.org

  • Beyond Parenting Belong Group

    Hello! We're Angelica and Elina, the co-leads of the Beyond Parenting: Single Parents & Blended Families Belong group! Our group is created to gather together for information, support, and to create a collective voice for DPS employees who are raising children. This year, we have purchased the "Love and Logic Trainer Kit and are planning to provide access for all interested!

    Join us by signing up here!

    Co-Leads: Angelica_Jimenez@dpsk12.org; Elina_Medina@dpsk12.org

  • Citizens of the World Belong Group

    Hello! My name is Norma and I am one of the co-leads for the Citizens of the World Belong group! 

    If you want to interact with those that come from multilingual, multiracial, or multicultural backgrounds then look no further! We want to meet you and hear your experiences as someone that doesn’t conform to one ‘box’. Through vivacious discussions, events in the local area, and hosting various guest speakers, our group intends on making change from within DPS.

    Join us by signing up here.

    Women in snow holding a DPS Banner

    We'll promote an environment that helps to grow and nurture our own sense of multiculturalism as a group while promoting related core values among other DPS Belong peers and students. We would like to support specially Equity, one of the primary DPS district goals. Citizens of the World is a group focused on promoting relations among folks from multilingual, multicultural, multi-racial backgrounds and any individual who acknowledge the important contribution of diverse people’s background.

    Lead: Tricia_Chisholm@dpsk12.org

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    We plan to make DPS an ideal place to work by helping individuals find their voice in a large organization. Our goal is to build a supportive group of DPS employees who either personally identify as D/deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), or who have a passion for the DHH community.
    We plan to make DPS more inclusive by providing accommodations for our events and promoting the awareness that individuals with reduced hearing have shared experiences that are unique and sometimes challenging.  We recognize there may be many people throughout the district who would benefit from a space for connecting with others who understand and advocate for issues affecting the DHH community.
    Our target audience is anyone who has reduced hearing of any degree, considers them self D/deaf, hard of hearing, or anyone who is interested in supporting or learning about individuals in the DHH community.
    Join us by signing up here!
    Co Leads: Lisa_Cannon@dpsk12.org; Julie_NaskiRoman@dpsk12.org

  • Deconstructing Privilege Belong Group

    This group will provide all, especially white staff members, a space to recognize and deepen their understanding of the implications of whiteness, privilege, racism and oppression.

    Members will be provided with opportunities such as book studies and article discussions to both look inward at how they experience privilege and contribute to oppressive systems and outward to learn historical context and ongoing effects of racism in society. The group will also spend time volunteering as allies at events such as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Marade, Pride parade and Youth Alley, March for Black Women and more.

    White man with beard holding up a quilt

    The intent of this year is to hone in further on what will drive engagement for our members, we are aiming to survey more intentionally to meet those needs and want to see more of our members supporting opportunities for allyship. While this group will spend time working to understand the implications whiteness, all staff members are welcome to participate and help inform the conversation around privilege, racism and oppression.

    Join us in this process by signing up here and selecting "Deconstructing Privilege." 

    Co Leads: Trevon_Brandhurst@dpsk12.org; Samantha_Silver@dpsk12.org

  • Latinx/Hispanic Belong Group

    Hi! We are Leticia and Lilian, the Latinx/Hispanic Belong group co-leaders! 

    Our Belong group commits to being learners, advocates, influencers, supporters and inspire ourselves, our DPS team and our students. We hope to make DPS more inclusive by:

    • Do a lot of listening/trying to find the wants of our community
    • Advocate for our students, low-income schools with limited resources
    • Help students build a better understanding of their roots/history
    • Provide resources for teachers
    • Attending community events/ have small community events
    • Partner with District parent Latino group
    • Bring our stories/experiences

    Join us by signing up here.

    Co-Leads: Leticia_Levi@dpsk12.org; Lilian_Pacheco@dpsk12.org

  • LGBTQ+ Belong Group

    We plan to make DPS more inclusive by identifying needs of the LGBTQIA+ staff and students, advocating for policy change within DPS to support these needs, and hosting events for the LGBTQIA+ and the larger DPS community to include all voices in holistically supporting the needs of both LGBTQIA+ staff and students. Join us by signing up here.

    To see information on meeting dates and times anonymously, go here.

    Co-Leads: Su_Florczak@dpsk12.net; Joie_Cohen@dpsk12.net

  • The Village Belong Group

    The Village is a DPS Belong Group for those who consistently act in the lives of current African-American/Black DPS students. This family is committed to ensuring a safe space for our students to experience success by connecting to support and empower each other with knowledge, skills and abilities. We envision our “village” to take what we learn and share it with others. We will share and learn together, while also being available for emotional concerns. 

    Join us by signing up here.

    Co-Leads: Regina_Walker@dpsk12.org; Brad_Riley@dpsk12.org

  • Women of Color Belong Group

    Visit the Women of Color website HERE

    Mission: The Women of Color Belong Group (WOC) is committed to the empowerment, development, collaboration, and comradery of our members within a supportive network and sisterhood of professional women. Our goal is to support district effort to:

    • Create an ingrained support system for our educators including a protocol where employees of color can learn about the list of Belong Groups upon hiring
    • Work for the advancement, retention, support, and development of Women of Color across departments through professional development, training, skills courses, mentorship, and engagement activities.
    • Create caring communities through the strategic use of text, email, meetups, events, and programs for youth (i.e. Pathways to Teaching for HS students, Career Fairs for youth, Speaker’s Bureau)
    • Collaborate with organizations and facilitators that support the ongoing development and support of our initiatives and goals of our WOC group
    • Engage in social outings, health/wellness activities, and fun events that promote sisterhood and self-care for body and soul.

    Join us by signing up here.

    To see upcoming events, view the WOC Group event calendar


    Co-Leads: KG Kujjo, kg_kujjo@dpsk12.net, and Imari Ross, imari_ross@dpsk12.net