Assessment, Reporting and Data Support

  • DPS students read in the classroom together.

     Vision: Every child succeeds through the power of data and informed decision-making!

     Mission:  Through collaborative partnerships, AR&D creates high-quality accountability and reporting tools, and supports a balanced system of assessments that charge Denver Public Schools to take action in service of all students’ learning.

    Using a deep understanding of our customers and leveraging the immense talent in AR&D, we serve as the district resource for local and state assessment and provide expertise and guidance in the collection, analysis, and communication of student and school academic results in order to inform the decisions of district leaders, schools, families and the community.

    We model the way for DPS central office departments in supporting the district’s relentless pursuit of closing achievement and opportunity gaps.



  • Assessment, Reporting and Data Support (AR&D)
    1860 Lincoln St.
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