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    Who We Are

    The Research and Evaluation team brings the techniques of quantitative and qualitative analysis, research, and program evaluation to help identify, adjust, and evaluate our district-wide strategies. This includes the Research Review Board, which sets standards for and coordinates research in our district's schools with external research partners. 


    What is our Agenda?

    Our research agenda helps advance the District’s mission: that we prepare students for career, college and life and create conditions and partnerships where students, families and team members belong and thrive. It also informs organizational priorities and ensures the efficient use of limited district resources. The rearch agenda continues to build evidence of programing’s effectiveness as well as continuous improvement.The Research and Evaluation team team, as well as the District Leadership Team, identified topics and questions that aligned with the Denver Public Schools goals and priorities using:

    • the Strategic Roadmap, 

    • School Priority Actions, and 

    • Ends Policies 

    Our research agenda can be found using this link: DPS 2023-24 Research Agenda


    What does our work look like?

    An example of the work we do includes designing, administering, and reporting out district-wide surveys to all students, families, and staff. You can access some of these reports here: https://www.dpsk12.org/survey/


    How to work with us?


    ...please contact:

    ...questions about surveys ...


    ...questions about external researchers working with or in the district...


    …potential support on projects…


    …general inquiries…



    How will we work with you?

    We will work with you to understand your problem of practice. Through this approach we will help identify how to best address your question. This could be through progress monitoring, short to long cycle program evaluations, advanced analytics, interviews, focus groups, or a host of other methodologies. Our commitment to you is to identify the most effective technique to answer your question.


    What will you get from working with us?

    A sound methodological approach to answer your research question. We can help design logic models to answer complex research questions or to evaluate programs or we can provide analytical work to help guide future projects. We have a wide breadth of research-oriented skills to help you answer your more difficult questions. And most importantly we are customer service oriented, passionate, and WE PLAY FOR TEAM DPS!!!


    How do we impact DPS?

    We impact DPS by helping identify which district initiatives and programs are having an impact on our students. Through this effort we can help drive change by helping our district leaders decide on how to improve programs and which programs should continue. In short, we help measure the IMPACT of the district efforts to close the achievement gap.


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