Portfolio Management Team

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    Our Mission on the Portfolio Management Team (PMT) is to authorize, cultivate and advocate for high quality schools (i.e., district-run, innovation, IMO, iZone and charter) in DPS. Empowered by the Denver Plan, we embrace school empowerment, high performance standards, clear accountability, family choice and broad community engagement.

    We envision a nation where every public education system effectively serves the diverse needs of all children and where every student graduates prepared for success in life. We strive for DPS to be a national model for transformational change in public education by:

    • Improving outcomes for all Denver students by recruiting and supporting a diverse portfolio of high-performing schools that are accountable for results; and
    • Producing transformational changes district-wide by identifying, sharing and facilitating the implementation of innovative, best-in-class policies and practices in all schools and central office departments.

    Within DPS, we support the entire family of schools and partner with other District Teams to provide the best service to each school. Click on a link below to learn more about our work as it relates to the different school types in our family of schools:

  • What is the Portfolio Management Team?

    The Portfolio Managament Team (PMT) supports school empowerment and shared accountability across the family of schools and serves as the authorizing office for DPS.

  • What is portfolio strategy?

    “In portfolio cities, families have the freedom to attend their neighborhood schools or choose one that is the best fit for their child. The portfolio strategy supports principals and teachers—those who work most closely with students—and frees them to use their best ideas to ignite student learning. And it presses city and district leaders to support and expand successful schools until every child in the city attends a great school.” -Center for Reinventing Public Education

  • What is a district-run school?

    District-run schools are public schools that are directly run and overseen by the district. They follow all state requirements and DPS policies, without the ability to have waivers.

  • What is an innovation school?

    An innovation school is a district-managed public schools with a strategic plan that requires waivers to specific district policies, state statutes and collective bargaining agreements with the goal of improving student outcomes and executing with excellence a specific model. Innovation schools are governed by the Innovation Schools Act (§ 22-32.5-107, C.R.S).

  • What is an innovative management organization (IMO)?

    An IMO is a group of district-managed public schools that share a model and are overseen by an executive principal, with the ability to leverage their resources across school sites. Schools in an IMO may or may not possess innovation status.

  • What is an innovation zone (iZone)?

    An innovation zone is a group of innovation schools that share common interests and seek additional flexibility. There are two types of iZones:

    • iZones with Governance Innovations: These zones operate separately from the district instructional network structure and are overseen by an external nonprofit and its board. This board is responsible for support and oversight of the member schools, although the district maintains ultimate legal responsibility of the schools.
    • iZones within District Network Structure: These zones allow schools the opportunity to organize around common interests, while remaining within district network and reporting structures. Some additional autonomies are available to these schools. (Note: There are currently no approved iZones of this type in DPS.)

  • What is a charter school?

    DPS charter schools are public schools, independently operated by nonprofit organizations. Charter school boards have contracts with the school district that outline their operating terms, including performance goals, program elements and required compliance with State and Federal Requirements. In Colorado, charter schools are operated pursuant to the Colorado Charter Schools Act.


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