Information Resources

  • Overview

    Our goal is to develop an easily searchable, interactive resource which will efficiently connect subject matter experts with DPS staff who need to access that information.

    Understanding this goal to be a constantly moving target, we embrace and need all possible feedback.  In the pages attached to this site you will find a compilation of information resources as well as opportunities for feedback on different elements of the transcript/course code evaluation processes.

    In the event that you cannot find what you need, or if you have suggestions for improving this site, please feel free to email us.


    PLEASE NOTE: This site is focused on the ongoing entry of transcript information.  We do not provide copies (official or unofficial) of students’ transcripts.  Please contact the main office of the school where the student is currently enrolled to learn more about the transcript request process.

  • Transcript Resources +

    Quick Reference Guides:

    QRG Edgenuity: Edgenuity - one page description for how it’s used in schools
    QRG Entering Transcripts Using Batch tab: Batch Tab Entry – a step by step guide
    QRG PE Waivers:PE Exemptions - qualifications and adding to transcripts
    QRG Comments:Entering Comments – what to enter and when
    QRG Uploading Documents:Uploading Docs – Transcripts and PE Waivers
    QRG What Types of Transcripts to Enter: Transcript Types – What to enter, what to pass along to TCCMS

    Short “How-To” Videos:

    Course Catalog Searching

    Course Catalog Search - how to search for and find a course guide

    Entering a PE Waiver
    Entering Transcript Data

  • School Schedulers’ Resource Guide +

    The School Schedulers’ Resource Guide is designed to serve as a “one stop shop” for school schedulers.  It attempts to house in one guide the links and resources that schedulers need to use and consider as they develop their school schedules. Please click here to download a pdf of the 17/18 School Schedulers’ Resource Guide

  • High School Procedures Guide +

    High School Procedures Guide

    The High School Procedures Guide contains information on specific responsibilities that arise in the high schools regarding issues of credit, grades, course requirements, administrative practices, academic programs, and foreign students. It is to be used to assist in making site-based decisions regarding these issues.


    Please click here to access the online version of the 19/20 High School Procedures Guide (updated 4/25/19) - Please refer to page two of the document to reference instructions on how to access the Embedded Forms provided in this year’s High School Procedures Guide.


    Please click here to access the PDF Online version of the 18/19 High School Procedures Guide (updated 8/30/18) - Please note, in order to access the forms provided in the HSPG, you will need to download AND SAVE the pdf and look for the form attachments on the left hand side of the document.


     PLEASE BE AWARE that the information contained here is subject to ongoing review and update editing which could invalidate any printed versions. If you have any feedback regarding the high school procedures guide, any related supporting materials on this website (e.g. if a link on this page is broken), or if you would like to submit a question to Transcript and Course Code Support please email us at