DPS Belong

  • Belong

    Employee-built groups fostering diversity and inclusion.

    DPS Belong groups are intentional spaces for people with similar backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences to gather, celebrate, and create community. We recognize that our employees from underrepresented backgrounds bring diverse experiences, perspectives, and approaches to the work that we do. These experiences and perspectives are what create a stronger and more inclusive environment for both our employees and our students.

    While these spaces are very important, COVID and other significant changes in the district have disrupted the sustainability and maintenance of these spaces. We are re-launching this space in the 2023-2024 school year with intention to fortify a stronger foundation and co-lead structure for groups to flourish.

  • Join a Belong Group! Established groups include:

  • Christian Educators

    Hello...more information coming soon!

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    Co-Leads: Angela Faison - Angela_Faison@dpsk12.net

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    We plan to make DPS an ideal place to work by helping individuals find their voice in a large organization. Our goal is to build a supportive group of DPS employees who either personally identify as D/deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), or who have a passion for the DHH community.
    We plan to make DPS more inclusive by providing accommodations for our events and promoting the awareness that individuals with reduced hearing have shared experiences that are unique and sometimes challenging.  We recognize there may be many people throughout the district who would benefit from a space for connecting with others who understand and advocate for issues affecting the DHH community.
    Our target audience is anyone who has reduced hearing of any degree, considers themselves D/deaf, or hard of hearing, or anyone who is interested in supporting or learning about individuals in the DHH community.
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    Co-Leads: Lisa_Cannon@dpsk12.org; Julie_NaskiRoman@dpsk12.org

  • Latinas Belong Group

    Hello...more information coming soon!

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    Lead:  - Lacey_Nelson@dpsk12.net

    Co-Lead(s) Wanted!

  • Latinx/Hispanic Belong Group

    Hi! I am Brianna Cherry, and I am interested in finding a Co-Lead for the Latinx/Hispanic Belong group co-lead! 

    Our Belong group commits to being learners, advocates, influencers, and supporters and inspiring ourselves, our DPS team, and our students. We hope to make DPS more inclusive by:

    • Do a lot of listening/trying to find the wants of our community
    • Advocate for our students, low-income schools with limited resources
    • Help students build a better understanding of their roots/history
    • Provide resources for teachers
    • Attending community events/having small community events
    • Partner with District parent Latino group
    • Bring our stories/experiences

    Join us by signing up here.

    Lead: Brianna_Cherry@dpsk12.net

    Co-lead wanted!

  • Managers of Color Belong Group

    Managers of Color Collective is an employee resource group that works to improve psychological safety, and our overall work experiences, and to support leaders of color at Denver Public Schools. 

    We are dedicated to the engagement, collaboration, and support of all managers of color which encourages development, success, and growth.

    We focus on sharing knowledge and support; providing a community space for managers of color to connect and uplift each other; fostering an environment for discussion and collective problem-solving or thought-partnership; promoting engagement and networking; and creating professional and personal development opportunities. 

    This is a group intentionally designed by leaders of color, for leaders of color.

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    Lead: KG Kujjo, KG_Kujjo@dpsk12.net

  • Women of Color Belong Group

    Visit the Women of Color website HERE.

    Mission: The Women of Color Belong Group (WOC) is committed to the empowerment, development, collaboration, and comradery of our members within a supportive network and sisterhood of professional women. Our goal is to support district effort to:

    • Create an ingrained support system for our educators including a protocol where employees of color can learn about the list of Belong Groups upon hiring
    • Work for the advancement, retention, support, and development of Women of Color across departments through professional development, training, skills courses, mentorship, and engagement activities.
    • Create caring communities through the strategic use of text, email, meetups, events, and programs for youth (i.e. Pathways to Teaching for HS students, Career Fairs for youth, Speaker’s Bureau)
    • Collaborate with organizations and facilitators that support the ongoing development and support of our initiatives and goals of our WOC group
    • Engage in social outings, health/wellness activities, and fun events that promote sisterhood and self-care for body and soul.

    Join us by signing up here.

    To see upcoming events, view the WOC Group event calendar


    Lead: Imari Ross, imari_ross@dpsk12.net

  • Want to start a new group? 

    Contact DPS Belong at DPS_Belong@dpsk12.org for more information on how to start a group. 

    Examples of past Belong Groups - 

    • Asian
    • Beyond Parenting: Single Parents and Blended Families
    • Black/African American
    • Citizens of the World
    • Deconstructing Privilege
    • Jewish
    • LGBTQ+
    • Native
    • People with Disabilities
    • The Village (for parents/guardians/grandparents/etc of Af Am Children)

    Examples of possible NEW Belong Groups - 

    • New to Denver!
    • Visa-sponsored Teachers
    • Multilingual Speakers
    • Health and Fitness Gurus
    • Special Service Providers United
    • Travel Companions

    The possibilities are endless! (*Within reason)