• Leadership Excellence and Development

  • The School Leadership Framework

    The School Leadership Framework details our district-wide, shared expectations for school leaders and sets the foundation for recruitment, selection, leadership preparation, performance reviews, professional growth and succession planning. In a nutshell, the School Leadership Framework defines what excellent school leadership looks like.

    As DPS places more emphasis on distributive leadership, it’s important that we have principals who build, develop and empower strong Instructional Leadership Teams. The revised School Leadership Framework reflects the necessary evolution of a principal to a leader-of-leaders and defines expectations for all school leaders.

    School Leadership Framework by Role:

    This 2017 updated version of the School Leadership Framework reflects input from district and school leaders, leveraging their expertise to accurately capture the complexities of school leadership. It is aligned to state and national standards for school leaders and is designed to address the needs of our diverse urban school district.

    Learn more about the School Leadership Framework Competency Progression.