Leadership Investment Framework for Talent


  • The LIFT beginning of year (BOY) and goal-setting window is underway, and we wanted to provide you with an update on where we are in the process of cascading priorities and LIFT goals.  As was shared on Aug. 24, through collaborative leadership, offices have named 2023-24 priorities that give deeper meaning to the DPS Strategic Roadmap and the outcomes delineated in the Board of Education Ends Statements
    Offices have begun the next step, which is to meet with department leaders to identify department priorities. Once identified, department leaders will share the LIFT Tracker Google sheet (that is being utilized to document goals and performance/evaluation conversations this year) with team leaders.  
    To ensure that teams have enough time to engage in a thoughtful goal-setting process, we acknowledge that we will need to be somewhat flexible with the Oct. 1 goal-setting timeline; therefore, please prioritize the goal-setting process with your teams and set goals by the end of day Friday, Oct. 13. We encourage departments and teams to hold time on calendars for goal-setting meetings if you have not done so already.   
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  • What's Changing in 2023-24

    Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) Employees Transition to LIFT Framework

    We made the strategic decision to implement the LIFT performance framework for all central office team members, as was previously communicated. Signifying a new growth and development within our district, those who were previously evaluated with CCE transitioned to LIFT on July 1, 2023. 

    We ask for all team members and leaders who have moved to LIFT to register for an upcoming New to LIFT training session. These sessions provide information and guidance on the LIFT framework, goal setting, and where to find LIFT resources.  

    New Rating Scale

    LIFT will implement a new four-point rating scale for 2023-2024.  The rating scale aligns with LEAP, SSP-GPS, LEAD and Classified Reimagined and uses consistent language to delineate between rating categories. 

    As you may know, DPS paused its pay-for-performance program for the central office during the pandemic. When pay for performance is reintroduced using our new Oracle System, there is even more reason to change to a four-point scale.  It is important to have a fair, clear and consistent/equitable way of rating employees across teams.

    2023-24 Office-level Priorities

    Through collaborative leadership, offices have named 2023-24 priorities that give deeper meaning to the DPS Strategic Roadmap and the outcomes delineated in the Board of Education Ends Statements. This year, we are committed to reinvigorating our goal-setting process, with a focus on creating clarity and cohesion across the entire organization. By establishing a stronger cascade of goals, we will ensure that individual and teamwork is coherent with the office priorities set by our district leaders. 

    We encourage each of you to embrace this period and reflect on the Strategic Roadmap and the Ends Statements to acknowledge the meaningful connections they hold with your unique contributions. 

    How Will the Change Impact You?

    You will see updates and additional information within the 2023-24 LIFT Tracker that your manager shares with you. You will also receive information about department and team-level priorities to which you will be expected to align your individual contributor goals. Department/team priorities may be determined by leaders on your team or in consultation with you. Your manager will receive training to ensure they are equipped to work with you to set individual goals by October 13, 2023.

  • Leadership Investment Framework for Talent (LIFT)

    DPS has established a strong commitment to finding, growing and keeping great leaders across the organization who are committed to helping us achieve our vision that every single one of our students thrives. The Leadership Investment Framework for Talent (LIFT) is a tool that supports team members in their own development.  In LIFT, all team members are leaders, even when not leading people. The framework provides a shared vision and language for leadership across DPS, clarifies expectations and helps team members achieve goals through accountability, and fosters ongoing performance discussions to highlight successes and define growth opportunities. 

    LIFT aligns with LEAD and was built in consideration of the diversity of roles across Central Office/School Support offices. 

    Leaders in Finance, Operations, Facilities, Transportation, DoTS and every other critical role that ensures our kids, schools, teachers and principals have what they need to deliver excellence every day will find what is essential to DPS leadership in this framework.

    The LIFT framework consists of two main areas (goals and competencies) in which team members are evaluated on each performance year. 


    Goals are aligned to district and team priorities, provide a road map for the work we are engaged in and set deadlines and milestones for completion.

    Each goal is rated during the end-of-year evaluation. 


    Competencies are the knowledge, skills and abilities, and other requirements that are needed to perform our roles successfully and how we go about our work. 

    The Framework includes five broad Competency Groups of leadership focus.   Each competency group is rated during the end-of-year evaluation.              

    • Personal and Values Leadership
    • Vision and Strategy Leadership
    • Operational and Organizational Leadership 
    • People and Culture Leadership
    • Community and Equity Leadership          


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    Each Competency Group is then further defined through its corresponding Drivers (18 in total).

    These Drivers ensure our shared understanding of leadership is aligned across all levels of leadership. Each driver represents a specific area in which all DPS leaders should strive to display proficiency and consistency based on their level of leadership.

    COMPETENCIES BY LIFT LEVEL    Differentiation Grid

    Leader of Self     Leader of Others     Leader of Programs     Leader of Teams     Leader of Leaders     Leader of Functions     Leader of the Org     Leader of the District







Are you new to your role or to LIFT?

  • Information sessions are held monthly for new hires or those new to LIFT. To register for an information session, login to the Learning Space and register for an upcoming session.

    New employees and those new to their role should set goals within their first 60 days. Make sure to talk to your Manager about your goals during your next one-on-one.  

    If you are new to your role and have a year-end appraisal to complete, reflect on your progress to date and what you want to focus on moving forward. Although you are new, the appraisal process is a great time to check-in and level set on your performance.