Leadership Investment Framework for Talent (LIFT)

  • With the implementation of The Denver Plan, DPS established a strong commitment to finding, growing and keeping great leaders across the organization and in each role that are committed to helping us achieve our vision, Every Child Succeeds. The Leadership Investment Framework for Talent (LIFT) is the next generation of EPMP; everyone who participates in EPMP aligns to a leadership role in LIFT. LIFT is a tool that will support employees in their own development as a leader while narrowing the scope of leadership to what is meaningful and achievable for DPS today. The program clarifies expectations and helps achieve goals through accountability by fostering ongoing performance discussions to highlight employee successes and define growth opportunities.

    Who is eligible for LIFT?

    Employees that are exempt from overtime, centrally managed (not reporting to a School Leader) and not part of an employee association/bargaining unit are eligible for LIFT. 

LIFT Goals and District Priorities

  • The new performance year for LIFT started as of July1st.  Customarily, now would be the time to start discussing and setting goals in Infor HR.  With the recent organizational shifts, we’re asking you to hold off on setting goals in Infor HR until we learn more about our District’s strategies and priorities for the 2019-20 school year.   We anticipate that information will be shared by mid-August.   

    Your Next Steps:  

    1. Set your goals after we learn about our District’s priorities
    2. Plan on setting up to 4 goals, with one of those goals focused on professional growth
    3. Target setting your goals in Infor HR by October 11th


     Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. 


Are you new to your role or to LIFT?

  • Information sessions are held monthly for new hires or those new to LIFT. To register for an information session, login to the Learning Space and register for an upcoming session.

    New employees and those new to their role should set goals within their first 60 days. Make sure to talk to your Manager about your goals during your next one-on-one.  

    If you are new to your role and have a year-end appraisal to complete, reflect on your progress to date and what you want to focus on moving forward. Although you are new, the appraisal process is a great time to check-in and level set on your performance.

New LIFT Process: Comment on LIFT Behaviors throughout the Performance Year

  • We heard you when you asked for a way for you and your Manager to comment on and track your LIFT behaviors throughout the performance year.  We’ve created a place for you to do this!  You will find this placeholder in your Manage Goals section in Employee Space in Infor HR.  Look for the goal titled “Comment on LIFT Behaviors Here,” open it and use the comment function to comment on and track your LIFT behaviors. 

    Why should you do this?  It supports a culture of continuous, ongoing feedback and it will make the year-end process easier!

    Check out the following user guides to help with this.

    Manager Guide: Comment on a Goal

    Employee Guide: Comment on a Goal

    FAQ - Comment on LIFT Behaviors in Infor HR