Classified Employee Evaluations

  • The Classified Employee Growth & Performance System is an evaluation framework for paraprofessionals, office personnel and protechs in schools as well as paraprofessionals and office personnel that are managed centrally.


    Classified Year-End Performance Process 

    As team DPS continues to respond with agility to new working environments and/or priorities, the Classified appraisal process has shifted. In collaboration with Employee Unions and key stakeholders, for the 2019-2020 School Year, ALL Classified Employee evaluations will default to a no rating, with an Employee driven option to receive a rating.  Employees will determine prior to or at the beginning of their end-of-year conversation if they would like to receive a rating. Once the end-of-year conversation begins, an employee will not be able to change their decision about opting in for a rating.

    Managers and Employees will utilize the Classified Evaluation Form located below to complete the Classified EOY conversation. Completing a self-evaluation is optional, yet strongly recommended. The updated Classified Evaluation Form includes both options of no rating, and an overall rating. Please complete all EOY conversations by July 31, 2020.