• The Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) year-end performance process has shifted!

    As team DPS continues to respond with agility to new working environments and/or priorities, the CCE year-end appraisal process has shifted. In collaboration with Employee Unions and key stakeholders, CCE eligible employees and their managers will engage in an end-of-year conversation to identify and reflect on areas of strength and growth, progress toward goals (if applicable), and next steps for continued growth and development.  A simplified form, with an Employee driven option for an overall rating OR no rating, will be utilized within Infor HR.  Employees will determine at the beginning of their end-of-year conversation, if they would like to receive a rating. Once the end-of-year conversation begins, an employee will not be able to change their decision about opting in for a rating. Employee self-reflections and manager reflections will be captured within this end-of-year form.    

    Next Steps:

    • Complete your self-reflection in Infor HR prior to June 12th (unless your manager has set an alternative date).  Completing a self-reflection is optional, yet strongly recommended.  If you choose to do so, please type directly into the box; do not copy and paste text into your reflection form within Infor.  You can also attach Microsoft Word and pdf documents to your reflection form to support your comments. 
    • Request Other Feedback (currently known as Other Rater) as part of your year-end reflection.  Requesting feedback from 3-5 colleagues, internal customers, and/or indirect supervisors will provide differing perspectives.  Other Feedback (Other Rater) is not anonymous, and is an optional step.  
    • Managers will complete an end-of-year reflection in Infor HR (Complete throughout June 2020).
    • You and your manager will have a year-end conversation (Completed by July 31, 2020).

    Review the resources below to help you with your year-end process. 

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Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE)

  • Denver Public Schools provides a performance-based culture where our mission is to serve our students, and each other. The Core Competencies Evaluation (CCE) was developed to support and align expectations around performance across roles not currently covered under another formalized growth and performance system such as LIFT. CCE competencies were developed in consideration of diverse roles, to define and align the common behaviors that drive district success.

    • The evaluation is based on 5 Competencies with a total of 16 behaviors plus policy compliance
    • The appraisal process utilizes a five-point rating scale
    • Minimum touch points throughout the year:
      1. July - Aug:  Level Setting and Growth Planning
      2. Dec - Feb: Mid-Year Performance Conversations
      3. May - Aug: Year-end Performance Conversations 

    Who is eligible for the Core Competencies Evaluation?

    The Core Competencies Evaluation is the growth and performance system for centrally managed employees who are hourly/non-exempt (vs. salaried/exempt) and are not in a bargaining unit.  It also includes Food Service Workers, Food Service Kitchen Managers, and employees in Campus Safety.