• Strategic School Planning: Deep Planning

Purpose Summary

  • This quick reference highlights the Deep-Planning phase of Strategic School Planning that occurs March through July in preparation for the 2018-19 school year. It outlines the actions, deliverables, timelines and supporting resources to consider when deep-planning for next year and visually outlines the inputs and outputs necessary in order to guide the development of your detailed strategic plan that will be followed in the next school year.

Vision of Strategic School Planning

  • The strategic planning process helps schools define their strategies for achieving student success.  Robust and authentic Strategic School Planning will combine a focus on quality execution, regular progress monitoring of both adults and students, and continuous improvement to increase school capacity and accelerate student growth towards the Denver Plan 2020 Goals.

Why Is Deep-Planning Important?

  • The goal of the Deep-Planning phase is for each school to use the outputs created within the Pre-Planning phase in order to further define each of the components of the detailed strategic plan.  The plan will highlight the improvement strategies, systems, and structures that the school will use to increase student achievement and obtain school & district goals.