Special Education Resources

  • ACEConnect Transition Services - Transition resources and supports for students with disabilities in DPS, including transition basics, resources for transition assessment, career exploration opportunities and more! 

    Affective Needs Manual - Learn more about supporting students through an affective needs lens.

    Assistive Technology - Web resource for requesting assistive technology for DPS students. Information on resources, policies and for support with utilization of assistive technology. 

    Beyond the Common Core (BCC) - Web resource for the Special Education BCC 2016-2017 cohort. This cohort includes all special education teachers, mild/moderate and center-based programs. BCC provides focused support around the SLO process for special educators and the implementation of data-driven, standards-based instruction for students with disabilities. 

    CDE Behavior Tools - The Colorado Department of Education's online repository of free tools for supporting students with challenging behaviors. Resources are available to support the MTSS process as well as the development of effective IEPs and BIPs for students with identified disabilities.

    Colorado Kids with Brain Injury - A tool for educators, school administrators, school psychologists, related services professionals, and families that includes tips, resources and tools to support the identification of traumatic brain injury and the implementation of effective school and community-based supports for working with students who have an identified TBI.

    Extended School Year (ESY) - Homepage for the DPS Extended School Year program. ESY is intended to maintain student's IEP goals from the previous school year. This website provides information on ESY including guidance for determining whether a student requires ESY services, data collection tools and the online ESY registration form.

    Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) - The Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) is a multidisciplinary research center at Florida State University. FCRR explores all aspects of reading research—basic research into literacy-related skills for typically developing readers and those who struggle, studies of effective prevention and intervention, and psychometric work on formative assessment. FCRR has provided a selection of resources and materials of particular interest to education practitioners.

    IRC/SEAK - The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) is a make and take lab where you can develop instructional materials for your students. SEAK (Special Education Assessment Kits) is an online, SharePoint system to request norm-referenced assessment materials. SEAK materials can be picked up and returned through the IRC. Computers with scoring software are also available for use.

    IMDetermined - Free, online resource developed by the Virginia Department of Education to provide tools and supports for educators, families and students to promote self-determination.

    PBIS World - Free web resource that provides assistance with intervention planning and implementation for students with behavioral challenges. Includes Tier 1, 2 and 3 level interventions and supports and additional data tracking tools. Print resource is also available for purchase at minimal cost.

    Reading Rockets - Online resource for teachers, students and parents. Research-based supports and strategies for helping struggling readers including articles, videos and instructional tools.

    Rethink - Provide an online bank of lesson plans, instructional materials, academic progress monitoring tools as well as behavioral support tools for the development of FBAs and BIPs. FBAs and BIPs completed in Rethink can be uploaded into Enrich and used in place of the Enrich forms. (Account Required, Contact Associate Partner for account set-up)

    SEAS - Special Education Assessment Services (SEAS) provides support with the evaluation of student's whose primary language is Spanish. SEAS should be contacted whenever a child is being considered for special education eligibility and the child's native language is Spanish. You will be prompted to enter your DPS ID and password to enter the SEAS referral system.


  • Robert Frantum-Allen
    Director, Special Education

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