Special Education & Special Services

  • K-12 Special Education Teaching & Learning
    Special Education Instruction, Assessment, and Curriclum 

    • Elementary Special Education School Support
    • Secondary Special Education School Support
    • Charter Special Education School Support
    • Center Program Special Education School Support
    • Adaptive Physical Education 
    • Behavior Supports
    • Paraprofessional Onboarding and Training 
    • Assessment Library 
    • Bilingual Assessments
    • Assistive Technology

    Transition Services and Supports 

    • ECE Special Education School Support
    • Child Find Assessment 
    • 18-21 and Post-Secondary Readiness
    • Ace Connect
    • School to Work Alliance Program (SWAP)
    • CTE Connections

    Special Education Compliance

    • CDE Data Submission
    • IEP Compliance and Training
    • Compensatory Education

    Extended Supports

    • Out-of-District Placement: Facilities, jails, etc. 
    • Homebound
    • Extended School Year

    Special Services

    • Speech Language Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Low Incidence Disability: Visually Impaired Supports; Deaf and Hard of Hearing Supports