Schools Division

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    Our Identity 

    As a Schools Division, we will work across all regions to break historical patterns of inequity and ensure the success of ALL students, teachers, and school leaders by:
    • Aligning our time and resources to ensure that the students who need the most are getting the best supports,
    • Implementing and monitoring DPS Priorities, to increase academic achievement for all students,
    • Collaborating proactively with Academics, Equity and other departments to promote coherence and alignment,
    • Ensure that our schools reflect the values, beliefs, practices and worldview of the communities we partner with.


  • Schools Division
    Emily Griffith Campus 9th Floor
    1860 Lincoln St.
    Denver, CO. 80203

     Head shot of Deputy Superintendent of Schools

    Michael Ramirez
    Deputy Superintendent of Schools

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    Site Manager