Department of School Transformation

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    All students in DPS attend schools that provide them with the opportunities and support needed to belong and thrive.


    We build and sustain systems of educational equity, achievement, and excellence in high-priority schools which includes:

    • Removing barriers to high-quality educational experiences 
    • Fostering a culture of excellence for every student
    • Providing evidence-based practices
    • Accelerating the trajectory of our most marginalized students 
    • Monitoring implementation and progress

    Purpose and Outcomes:

    We dramatically improve academic and school culture systems in high-priority schools by implementing evidence-based practices that cultivate a culture of excellence and high expectations for every student resulting in impactful support and positive outcomes for our Native American, Black, Latinx, and Federally Identified students (Unhoused, Migrant, Foster, Military).

    Our Teams:


  • Department of School Transformation
    (formerly Universal School Services) 
    Emily Griffith Campus
    1860 Lincoln St.
    Denver, CO. 80203

    Image of Joe Amundsen

    Joe Amundsen
    Executive Director of School Transformation 


    Ashleigh Madonna
    Project Manager, Strategic Operations 

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