•  Garden of Youth student at Thomas Jefferson High School


    All students with educational barriers that graduate from DPS will have the self-determination, skills, knowledge and experiences to access and engage in career path development, post-secondary education/training and fulfilling independent living.

    Vision (September 2020- September 2023)

    Within the school building, we will provide targeted supports for and collaboration with teachers to build their capacity to guide the development of self-determination skills as a part of a comprehensive Transition IEP. Within the community, we will forge strong partnerships with anti-racist and culturally responsive organizations to provide meaningful community connections related to students’ transition goals.




    • Build capacity in students for technology competency/comfortability recognizing them as Independent Living skills and a tool for self-determination via teacher training.
    • Identify, examine and reimagine areas of our programming that maintain white supremacist culture, and move forward with the modification of exisiting programming and the implementation of new practices that are actively anti-racist.
    • Create increased intentionality around recruitment and training of community & business partners to be explicitly anti-racist and inclulsive of people of all abilities.


    What is Transition?

    Through a student's IEP planning & implementation, a coordinated set of services, supports and programming in schools & in the community that is driven by student centered planning, authentic family involvement & student self-determined goals for life after high school in career, education & independent living. The transition process should start no later than age 15 and could span until the end of the last semester a student turns 21.  


    Two Students working in a Kitchen


  • Katie Kraft Head Shot

    Katie Kraft, Team Supervisor & Special Ed Graduation Coordinator


    Rachel Almond Head Shot

    Rachel Almond, Work-Based Learning & School Based ACE Teacher Support

    Courtney Kallas Favorite

    Courtney Kallas, Transition Assessment, Student Self-Determination, Instructional Support & Family Involvement

    Jamie Youngblood Head Shot

    Jamie Youngblood, Higher Ed & Technical Skills Partnerships

    Nicole Franchino Head Shot

    Nicole Brewer, Career Exploration & Workforce Development Partnerships


    Joe Tabano

    Joe Tabano, Internship Coordinator

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