Black Student Success Team

  • DPS Announces the Creation of the Black Student Success Team

    October 17, 2023

    Denver Public Schools has created the Black Student Success (BSS) team with the purpose of strengthening our learning communities and ultimately increasing Black student achievement and highlighting Black Student successes in DPS schools. The team will also scale up best practices in all schools across Denver Public Schools.

    “We know that our Black students can and do achieve at high levels, especially when they have the opportunities and support needed to excel,” said DPS Superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero. “After taking a deep dive into the most recent state test scores, we determined that we need to improve our systems of instruction and support in order to accelerate the trajectory of success for our Black students.”

    DPS will seek to increase graduation rates, grade level performance, enrollment in rigorous classes, and feeling safe and supported in our schools through the creation of a new team dedicated to improving the school experience for our Black students.

    The BSS team will work with a small cohort of schools with impactful numbers of Black students. This collaboration will be done through leadership development, research, strategic planning, and implementation with national leaders in educational equity.

    The BSS team will be led by Micheal Atkins, the current principal at Stedman Elementary who will launch this team at the end of this semester.

    “I am very proud and excited to start this work,” said Atkins. “Our Black students have been achieving below their potential for too long – and we know that every one of our children can and does thrive when given intentional opportunities and support.”

    DPS plans to announce a similar structure of support for our Hispanic/Latinx students later this school year.


  • Black Student Success Team
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    Photo of Michael Atkins

    Michael Atkins
    Director of Black Student Success