Specialized Service Providers (SSPs)

  • A DPS employee sits with a student

    School Year 20-21 UPDATE

    For this year only, DPS and DCTA have agreed to the following adjustments:

    • The educator evaluation systems are designed to provide support and coaching, which is true whether we are in remote, hybrid, or in-person learning.
    • The Parties agree to amend Article 10-3-2-2 for the 2020-21 school year as follows: Probationary teachers shall receive a minimum of two observations and non-probationary teachers shall receive a minimum of one formal full observation as defined and set forth in the LEAP Fairness Guide. Teachers may request additional observations for coaching and evaluation purposes.
    • Appendices that reflect the considerations unique to virtual, hybrid, and in person learning (under COVID restrictions) will be developed by the LEAP team in consultation with the Peer Observer Team and reviewed by the LCC. Similar modifications will be made for the SSP GPS system.
    • REQUIRED: All evaluators, teachers and SSPs will be trained (additionally evaluators calibrated) utilizing the appropriate appendix (virtual, hybrid and in person learning) prior to any evaluation being conducted.
    • SLOs will not be used for evaluation during the 20-21 school year. Schools will continue to use data teams to assess student progress. 


    Specialized Service Providers (SSPs) at DPS are vital members of the education team and have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that diverse student populations have equitable access to academic instruction and participation in school-related activities. SSPs also play a key role in the support of the Whole Child as outlined in the Denver Plan 2020, which is defined as students who feel healthy, supported, engaged, challenged, safe, and socially and emotionally intelligent.

    For 20-21 Only:

    • Professional Practice 100% - Measures an SSP's professional growth on five expectations that consist of mastery of expertise in their profession.


  • Team Leads and Central Supervisors

    SSP Team Leads are expert practitioners who lead a team of SSPs in his or her discipline to develop their ability to effectively deliver services and support the whole child. SSP Team Leads oversees the full growth and performance system process for each SSP on his/her team. SSP Team Leads are responsible for coaching, supporting, observing and evaluating SSPs throughout the school year. For 2019-20 we have 22 Team Leads across our SSP teams (Deaf & Hard of Hearing Itinerants and Audiologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists, School Nurses, School Psychologists and School Social Workers, Speech & Language Pathologists and Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialists) and department managers who also serve in the Team Lead role. Team Leads are all coached and evaluated by the department manager.