District Level Professional Learning

  •  District Level Professional Learning:
    DPS Continuum of Learning
    DPS has narrowed its focus for professional learning to be centered around our Instructional Improvement Priorities (IIPs) while maintaining a focus on Culturally Responsive Education. The District’s goal is to have consistent offerings throughout the year that fit this scope of learning and are shared clearly with teachers and leaders.

    Continuum of Learning

    Expand your impact with professional learning designed to improve student success.
    Teachers and Leaders within DPS have the opportunity to attend various Professional Learning events throughout the year. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Teal Days (August, October, February) - Teachers
    Teal Days support the success of every student by building educators’ capacity to deepen their understanding of content and best practices with a focus on the district cornerstones of Equity, Instructional Excellence, and Collaborative Teamwork. See the February 16th Teal Day Session Guide here.

    Leadership Weeks (Fall, Spring, June, July) - School Leaders and ILT
    The purpose of Leadership Weeks is to provide all school leaders the opportunity to deepen their learning and leadership of the Instructional Improvement Priorities (IIPs) within the Instructional Excellence Cornerstone. Our next Leadership Week is scheduled for March 8-12, 2021.  Watch here for more details soon.

    Summer Professional Learning (June-August) - Teachers and Leaders
    Summer professional development experiences provide you with opportunities to build capacity, grow your instructional excellence and leadership skills, and support our students. Here is the Summer 2021 PL Session Guide.