Professional Development Units (PDU)

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    Stay Tuned for New PDU Guidelines and Submission Process Information

    The Teacher and Leader Learning team is rolling out new, streamlined guidelines for designing and leading professional development units (PDUs) in the 2019-20 school year. Please do not draft PDU proposals prior to the release of the updated guidelines. The submission process and guidelines will be published in early August on the Professional Learning Website and via DCTA’s channels. All proposed PDUs, including those previously offered, will need to go through the submission process. If you’d like an email sent to you when documents are available, please complete the PDU Guideline Interest Form. If you have questions, email

    Become a PDU Peer Reviewer in the 2019-20 Schcool Year

    The Teacher and Leader Learning team is looking for educators to serve as PDU peer reviewers in the 2019-20 school year. Reviewers receive a $1,000 stipend for participating in the peer review process for PDUs. To read the detailed job description, click here. All applications are due via email to by Friday, June 14.

    What is a Professional Development Unit (PDU)?

    Professional Development Unit (PDU) is differentiated, job embedded action research learning that is designed to support teachers and student service providers to improve or acquire skills on topics that directly relate to their discipline.

    PDUs are a service offered through Denver Public Schools’ Professional Learning Team. In addition, PDUs are an element of ProComp–Denver Public Schools’ Pay-for-Performance System. Incentive payments from ProComp will be paid on the second paycheck of each month, the 22ndCheck out the ProComp incentive payments for 2018-19---ProComp Elements Chart

    PDUs have 3 components – Study, Demonstration, and Reflection which are completed in 3 to 9 months during the school year. The action research project involves study of a topic that will benefit student growth; demonstrating the implementation of the best instructional practices and reflecting on learning, change in practice, and student performance.

    Types of PDUs

    • Personal PDU
    • Small Group PDU
    • School-Wide PDU
    • District-Wide PDU

    Participating in a PDU is voluntary and there is no limit on the number of PDUs an educator may complete each school year. ProComp employees are paid for one completed PDU each school (contract) year.

    More information about PDUs may be reviewed in the PDU Exemplar Library

    Important Dates

    Proposals Due

    Registration Ends

    Final Portfolios Due

    Fall:  10/1/2018

    Fall:  10/31/2018

    Fall:  12/1/2018

    Yearlong:  11/1/2018  

    Yearlong:  2/15/2019  

    Spring:  5/1/2019

    Spring:  2/1/2019

    Spring:  2/15/2019

    Yearlong:  5/1/2019