Professional Development Units (PDU)

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    What is a Professional Development Unit (PDU)?

    A Professional Development Unit (PDU) is differentiated, action research learning with application to practice. PDUs provide educators and SSPs with the equivalent of 3 graduate credits (45 hours) that can be applied towards salary lane changes. They are designed to support teachers and SSPs to improve or acquire skills focused on topics of student need, including closing the opportunity gap. These learning opportunities provide educators with the autonomy to opt in to self-selected, action-oriented professional development to advance their practice.

    PDUs have 3 components – Study, Demonstration, and Reflection, completed through a 45 hour (minimum) course of study. The action research learning involves study of a topic that will benefit student growth, with simultaneous application of the learning content towards a specific problem of practice. 

    For additional information on PDUs contact the Professional Development Program Manager.

    Types of PDUs

    • District-wide - open to educators across the district
    • Multi-school - open to educators across schools
    • School- Wide - open to educators within specific school
    • Small Group - 2-4 participants, can be school or district-wide
    • Personal/Individual - self-directed PDU
    • CEU-PDU Conversion - See CEU-PDU Application

    For more information on CEU-PDU conversion process contact Carmen Stagg.

    Interested in Taking a PDU?  

    View 2022-23 PDUs available for registration here. 

    PDU opportunities are added throughout the year. See registration timelines below.

    PDU Leadership

    PDU Leaders can earn a stipend and/or credit for PDU design and facilitation. Review the PDU Leader roles for information on PDU Leadership and compensation.

    To apply to lead a PDU: Prepare your materials according to the PDU Application Instructions and then submit application here. 

    Applications should adhere to the PDU guidelines and application rubric.

    For additional resources to support PDU design and implementation see the PDU Resource Library.

    2022 - 2023 Application Deadlines

    PDU applications are reviewed four times a year. Each PDU application is reviewed by a content expert, with opportunities for feedback and revision. 

    You may submit an application during any PDU cycle preceding your PDU start date. Early application is encouraged to provide ample time for course set up.

  • PDU Resource Library

    The PDU Resource Library houses a variety of resources to assist potential facilitators in designing and implementing their own PDU. The library contains samples of exemplar PDUs as well as related instructional resources. The library will be continuously updated and expanded over subsequent PDU cycles, serving as both an archive and resource bank for exemplar PDUs.

    PDU Peer Reviewers

    Peer Reviewers are an intrinsic part of the PDU team, providing feedback and support to PDU leaders throughout the PDU process. Reviewers receive a $1,000 stipend for participating in the PDU review process. 

    Applications are being accepted through August 10th for the 2022-23 school year. Priority deadline is May 15th. To see the full job description and apply, click here.

    PDU Advisory Council

    Council members serve in an advisory capacity, providing feedback to improve the PDU process and experience for both leaders and participants. This is a paid extra duty position. Teachers and SSPs with PDU experience are encouraged to apply. 

    Apply here for the 2022-23 school year.



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